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14K Gold-filled Leaf Earrings
The city of Jonkoping, located in Sweden, is touted as one of the world’s cleanest cities.  

In addition to that Jonkoping is known for the stunning ruins of the 16th century Visingborg Castle.  

Sweden is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Annika Salome.

I have opined on a number of occasions that in some cases, depending on how it is executed, classically styled designer jewelry can be rather boring.  Instead of buoyance some designs are cold, mechanistic and stylistically flat.

However, former dressmaker Salame brings exquisite warmth and delicacy at every turn whether 14-karat gold-filled dangle earrings; tassel necklaces; enamel stacking rings; graceful metallic pendants suspended from peach jade or amber bead strands; or leather knot rings.  

Her ethereal metal creations are like floating threads.  They seem like golden shape shifters in their lithe often sizeable outlines.

Salame’s affordable fashion jewelry brand, By Boe, embodies the classic style: it is relaxed, non-intrusive and balanced.  The uncluttered silhouettes are quite simply chic and pretty with statement making assets to boot!

Luxe Double Down Bracelet

Presently making her home in New York, Salame initially studied fashion design while living in her native Sweden, and also studied interior design at Parsons The New School of Design.  When she relocated to Dubai to work with a renowned dressmaker, however, her interest in jewelry was piqued.

“My grandparents and parents all worked in the fashion industry.  My mom was a fashion designer in New York during the 60s and she used to tell me stories about it.  That encouraged me to develop my jewelry brand. 

When I worked in Dubai the experience involved a tremendous amount of beadwork and embroidery.  For me that experience kick-started my love of embellishment and jewelry.  It really made me focus on details much more closely.  For my collections it is important for me to continue to balance the architectural and modern with the pure and natural.”

Affordability is also of utmost importance to Salame.  Her ravishing assortment of baubles sells at price points as low as $19 for her Knotted Leather Rings and up to$150 for her Triple Down Necklace.

14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Candy
Coated Ring
with Colored Enamel
2013 Jewelry Trend AlertSalame’s elegant yet striking jewelry pieces include style trends of geometric shapes, swaying tassels, sizeable proportions and pops of color via enamel and semi-precious gemstones.
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