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Oxidized Sterling Silver
The Spark of Passion
Brooch Pin
with Coral
Affectionately known as “Mother Volga,” the Volga River is not only Russia’s major water source, and the country’s national river, but it is also the largest river in Europe.  Russia is also the birthplace to featured jewelry designer Aleksandra Vali.

Since starting this blog, four years ago, I am thrilled to have discovered numerous jewelry designers who are truly interested in unique expression, and are wholly dedicated to their creative vision.

I still find Italian jewelry maker Giovanni Corvaja’s 10-year journey to develop a way to make gold wire resemble strands of hair the most affecting and fascinating story of creative vision.  

Corvaja’s story is a depiction of someone unencumbered by any outside influence.  He remained true to his independent spirit.

Vali, in my opinion, also puts the independent in independent jewelry designer.  Her artistic vision does not lean on conventional design ideas.  Her jewelry embodies the stream of life energy with varying levels of buoyance, changeability, movement, and vitality.

The jeweler initially began a career in crafts working with ceramics after receiving a Master’s Degree in Arts from Russia’s Novosibirsk State Educational University.  However, once she was introduced to 18-karat gold and sterling silver she quickly crossed over.

“Working with clay allowed me to learn to feel for the perfect shape, contrasts in texture and balance of the design.  With metal I experiment with and make the most of its three-dimensional potential,” says the artisan now based in Illinois in the United States. 

“I have a very well-defined but unpredictable sense of style and personal signature.  My favorite techniques are carving, casting, and smithing.  My style is seductive yet extravagant; harmonic yet so contradictory.  My goal is to create remarkable, fashionable pieces of art.”

Sterling Silver Relationships Pendant Necklace
with White Freshwater Pearl
Silver and lava stone rings; remarkable 18-karat gold and garnet dangle earrings; and supple silver necklaces are idiosyncratic, dynamic and rich with textures. 

The asymmetrical forms and alternately smooth, grainy, or perforated surfaces are an expression of artistic authenticity.  An authenticity that mimics the regality, irregularities and softness of forms in nature—hence life energy.

The themes of her exquisite jewelry pieces share this vision of life’s tides: emotional highs and lows; the sometimes fickle nature of love; attraction to decadent food; and the connectivity of humanity. 

Her powerful aesthetic impacts you on visual, cerebral and soulful levels.  Being cognizant of all of this is quite breathtaking.

Take for instance Vali’s Solanum Pendant Necklace, an expressive interpretation of the flower of the same name, is a crinkled splatter of sterling silver with a single, black Akoya pearl at its center. 
The designs in which Vali implements black or white lava stones (sometimes in one piece) are her most whimsical and humorous. 

The lava stones’ uncanny resemblance to cake or brownies is explored to its fullest effect in a brooch pin called Chocolate and Vanilla; and her Chocolate Dessert Necklace.  Every design is uniquely conceptualized and expertly crafted.
Argentinium Silver Chocolate Dessert Ring
with Black Lava Stone and White Pearl

2013 Jewelry Trend AlertVali’s stunning jewelry in 18-karat gold, sterling silver and colorful gemstone accents that include red coral is a visual feast.  

With organic silhouettes, vivid coral, and worked gold surfaces her distinctive collections are on trend for the year.

Be sure to visit Vali’s Etsy store
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