Saturday, October 17, 2009


22-Karat Gold Bracelet with Rough Rubies
The rustic beauty of the Denver Botanic Garden in Colorado is striking.

The grounds are populated with plants from varied habitats like the Alpine, aquatic, arid and the Rocky Mountain regions. Colorado is also the home of featured jewelry designer Todd Reed.

At only 34-years-old Reed is renowned for building his company firmly based in social conscience and integrity.

His breathtaking jewelry is all hand fabricated; fashioned from recycled 18-karat gold, oxidized silver, and Reed's signature conflict-free, uncut, unpolished diamond cubes.

A self-taught goldsmith and metalsmith, Reed began designing and creating jewelry at age 17. His passion for the beauty of raw diamonds led him to a design aesthetic that challenged the status quo within the jewelry industry.

"My work using raw diamond cubes started as a way to question the idea of perceived value," he explains. "How value and perceived value relate to ideas of beauty and perfection."

Reed's choice was a bold, singular one at a time when the norm of fine jewelry was faceted diamonds; but Reed held to his ideals.

"Some designers considered what I was doing a trend. I never looked at it as a trend. I love these stones and I have always felt this was a great alternative to the traditional diamond industry."

Reed is exceptionally gifted bringing an Old World quality to his pieces. His use of buttery yellow gold, raw diamonds and blackened silver gives his items a palpable aura of raw opulence and power. I really love how he blends archaic and modern aesthetics. The structure of the piece, the detailing, and arrangement of the materials is breathtaking.

In today's more environmentally conscious world, Reed has a strong following. "I didn't expect that my ideals would revolutionize this industry. Seventeen years ago I was only selling to collectors." He builds honest, forthright relationships with his clients who value his work's integrity.

18-Karat Gold Ring with Rose Cut Diamonds
and Raw Diamond Cubes
He is also grateful for being able to do what he truly loves on his terms. "The work is extremely close to my heart," he enthuses.

"My work continues to grow as I grow, and I am still inspired by most everything. Beauty and nature are endless inspiration."

Reed has received many awards for his groundbreaking designs including First Place for Gold Jewelry in Niche Magazine's award competition; the Niche Finalist Award; the Couture Design Award for Natural Color Diamonds; and the Veranda Art of Design Award.

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