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Coral Necklace of Rectangles and Ovals
There is some fantastic architecture to see in Barcelona, Spain; one such building is the Casa Batlló.

Designed by architecture Antoni Gaudi, and built over a century ago, it is known for its distinctive skull-like balconies and bone-like pillars. Spain is also the home of featured jewelry designer Jorge Revilla.

The offspring of silversmiths, Revilla fell in love with the time-honored craft and the metal itself while a young boy. As a young adult, he studied fashion and design in both Spain and London.

An ardent traveler, Revilla spent time in a myriad of countries relishing the beauty of each country's natural resources.

For several years, he began collecting gemstones like turquoise and smoky quartz from each country he visited. By age 26--in 1996--Revilla established his company Jorge Revilla with the help of his sister, Gloria.

Revilla's elegant, streamlined jewelry blends the beloved craft and metal of his youth with the beautiful, pastel-colored gemstones of his world travels. His feminine designs are almost demure in their understated structure while also possessing a tangible sensuality.

Revilla's fascination with sterling silver runs deep as he loves its malleability and though normally considered cool in tone, he believes silver is warmer than gold. He and his sister pay close attention to details, making sure each item undergoes their personal, final inspection.

A year ago, Revilla held his first American tradeshow at the JCK Vegas Show. He was blown away by the response. "There was a great energy when we showed the collection. It far exceeded any expectations," he says.  "I couldn't believe the response. We knew then that the U.S. market was our next area of growth."
Dangling Tourmaline and Rose Quartz Earrings

Subsequently, Revilla collaborated with Pollack Design Group, a distributor helping to broaden the sale of the designer's wares in the United States.

Revilla's lovely creations are also sold in France, Germany, and Spain, and he has exhibited his collections at tradeshows in New York, Japan, Mexico, Italy, and Switzerland.

To view more items from Revilla's collections, check out

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