Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today we visit the homey and cozy North Duchess Botanical Garden in New York. Within the 70-acre grounds are 8 greenhouses and an array of plants and perennials to learn about, and even take home. New York is also the hometown of featured jewelry designer Sarah Davida Beinstein.

Rings are perhaps one of the most evocative of jewelry items. Significant meaning is attached to whichever finger someone chooses to wear it, including the thumb.

For instance wearing a ring on the index finger is associated with power, and authority; while a ring worn on the middle finger is associated with one's life purpose. Of course, some may opt to wear a ring on a non-traditional finger to go against convention asserting their individuality.

Seemingly taking a cue from a Celtic ring style, Beinstein specializes in creating custom-made cuff rings to be worn on any finger in the space between the knuckle and top of the finger. The idea for these unique rings came three years ago while Beinstein studied metalsmithing at Syracuse University.

She wanted to accessorize the top portion of the finger with something that encircled this area much like a cuff bracelet encircles the wrist. She then made one for herself, which garnered plenty of attention from friends and schoolmates.

Beinstein then began creating rings for fellow students and friends personalizing the rings with a nickname, inspirational messages, small drawings, and even the phrase "Oh Snap."

These inscriptions were provided by the people making requests for the rings, and thereafter she seriously considered building a company from her signature item.

Just four months ago, after graduation, Beinstein established Sarah Davida, with different themed sterling silver and 10-karat gold ring collections.

In the months to come, she plans to add more accessories as well as a clothing line.

As beautiful as traditional rings are, I really like the uniqueness of Bernstein's rings. They are fun, youthful, and edgy and invite definite scrutiny from curious observers.
Photo 1 (top right): Sterling Silver Oh Snap Cuff Ring
Photo 2 (bottom left): Guitar Player Wearing Cuff Ring
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