Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Gold Mesh Earrings
Today we walk along Eram Street within the Botanical Garden of Shiraz University in Iran.

Rich with a storied history, beautiful flora, and architecture, our stay is fascinating indeed.

Iran is the ancestral home of featured jewelry designer Shabnam Bahmanian.

A fascinating aspect of jewelry is--unlike other accessories and even clothing--it can stand the test of time. Jewelry artifacts dating back 10,000 years were recently unearthed in Iran and are now on display in several museums.

Like many countries, jewelry was--and is--an important part of Iranian culture for both men and women. Great artisanship, evocative symbolism, and outstanding gems are all cornerstones of Iranian jewelry.

A graduate of California College of Arts, with a BFA in Jewelry and Metal Arts, Bahmanian draws from her heritage, as well as the whole of Asian culture, to create incredible, standout jewelry. Her sublime goldsmithing skills result in uniquely cultivated pieces that are both edgy and exotic.

Unnamed Oxidized Earrings
Working mainly with an array of metals that include gold, silver, and copper, Bahmanian adds texture to her often sculpture-like pieces and oxidizes some metals that beautifully enhance the overall design.

The East Bay, California native dispenses her creative energy through cooking, painting, and making ceramic pottery.

She has been designing jewelry for seven years, and is a member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths.
Note: Official website is currently unavailable.

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