Monday, October 5, 2009


Today we are  stand on the Eastern coast of Mexico taking in the beautiful sights of the Isle of Cozumel, and there are plenty of cool ways to explore the island's beautiful coral reefs. There is snorkeling, diving, and even kayaking.

We learn that Cozumel is also the location of the San Gervasio Ruins, one of the largest remaining Mayan ruins on the island. Mexico is also the hometown of featured jewelry designer Francisco Sanchez.

A second-generation jeweler, Sanchez always found artistic expression fascinating. His father's creative example and Aztec pictograms became a great source of inspiration. "Thanks to my father's influence, I began this beautiful occupation at a very early age," he recalls.

"My studies in painting, sculpture, architecture and jewelry helped to form a part of my life. I very much like the ideas from our ancestors. I love using different pre-Hispanic pictorial motifs."

Sanchez set up his workshop 41 years ago after studying foreign trade in Holland. He quickly established himself as a designer of unique talent and staying power. "I have exhibited my work in the United States, Taipei, Vancouver, Munich, and other countries. Among the many awards I have received for my work is the Jalisco Award in Jewelry Design."

Sanchez' lovely arrangement of beautiful stones like turquoise and malachite combined with cool sterling silver is a visual language blending modern Hispanic and ancient Aztec iconography; a modern story within an ancient one.

He takes ancient, nature motifs such as his Rain Frogs Jewelry Set that blend amphibious forms of silver surrounded by the green and apricot colors of amber and turquoise.

His distinctive sterling silver Aztec Seashell Earrings feature an unusual cutout design inspired by a seal. "I am always looking for something different to incorporate into my ideas, striving to be at the vanguard in the styles with which I deal."

Sanchez creates his jewelry prototypes, cleans, polishes, and purifies them. His final touch is inscribing the word Citlali into the finished piece. The word means `star' and his motivation behind it is to inspire the wearer.

"This way everyone wearing my designs has a star to accompany them." Sanchez' beautiful jewelry is sold at
Photo 1 (top right): Amber and Turquoise Honeybee Necklace and Earring Set
Photo 2 (bottom left): Sterling Silver Tree of Life Cuff Bracelet
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