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Sterling Silver Dragonfly Pendant Necklace
One of the few functioning, hand-carved carousels is located in Rhode Island’s Crescent Park.

Built 120 years ago by Danish craftsman Charles I.D. Looff, the carousel boasts 61 horses; 56 of which are in jumping poses.

Rhode Island is also home to featured jewelry designer Susan Sarantos.

A professional jeweler since 1981 Sarantos is deft at creating a wide range of jewelry styles from wild art pieces called Mermaids to her edgy, abstract earring designs.  The Spectrum Award winner is also adept at minimalism. 

Items currently featured at her Etsy shop showcase the high polish of 14-karat rose and yellow gold, copper and sterling silver in simple bands, square studs and unadorned cuff bracelets.  The carved geometric forms exemplify the pure beauty of classic silhouettes. 

Her sterling silver DragonflyPendant Necklace captures the delicate, elongated wings and body of the insect in remarkably modest detail.  There is also the fluid, sculptural lines of her lovely sterling silver Snake Ring.  All of her designs are so exquisite in their understated elegance.
14K Yellow Gold Misty Gray Ring with Moonstone
An avid jewelry maker since age seven—yes, you read right—Sarantos has gone from making trinkets with old telephone wire to working with Mexican opals.

Within the timeframe of youngster to adult she studied silversmithing under Corky Ackman; enameling under Rebekah Laskin; and rendering techniques under Sandra Boucher.

“I consider myself one of those lucky few who has always known what I wanted to do.  I was selling jewelry that I made at the age of seven instead of a lemonade stand,” she recalls.

Working from her basement, Sarantos keeps numerous notebooks to jot down and sketch out ideas.  She then goes back through them allowing her “mood” to dictate which ideas she wants to play with. 

14K Gold & Sterling Silver Abstract Earrings
with Patina Finish
“I render my ideas into jewelry designs with water color and gouache paints which allows others to see my thoughts exactly how they will appear before actually making the piece in metal.

I love creating contemporary style ornaments for the body that dance as you move.”
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