Tuesday, September 22, 2015


18K Gold Vermeil Camouflage Leaf
Insect Ring
The 17th century Nijo Castle, located in Kyoto, Japan, is a marvel of ancient architecture.

Completed in 1626, and covering 2 acres of land, the structure consists of multiple palaces and castles including the Honmaru Palace which houses the one-time living quarters of Shoguns.  Japan is also home to featured jewelry designer Hirotaka Inoue.

Inoue’s classically styled fine jewelry line in 18-karat yellow and beige gold (his own creation), sterling silver and gemstones is imbued with a studied, lyrical grace.

Inspired by complex forms in nature and a driving ambition to shift traditional Japanese aesthetics Inoue’s collections are a captivating display of powerful elegance.

Items from his Mughal Collection are open geometric forms outlined in tiny, white diamonds, while his Metamorphosis Collection showcases the bulbous form of grub worms in high-polished gold. 

The Camouflage Collection is sublime in its abstract arabesque renderings of orchid mantises and cassowaries.  The skull rings from the Vanite Collection are some of the most delicate I have seen. 

Where many skull rings are garishly flamboyant with horns, crowns or pavĂ© stones, Inoue has created a setting with two small, unembellished skulls (one in yellow gold, the other in blackened silver); placed atop a simple, thin band.  It is a beautiful amalgamation of edge and refinement.

10K Gold Hoop Gossamer Earrings with Diamonds
After moving to Paris 17 years ago to apprentice under the tutelage of an “eccentric” jewelry collector, Inoue would later return to Tokyo accepting a “designing position with one of the largest jewelry wholesalers in Tokyo.”  For 7 years the position provided Inoue with a “good, basic understanding of high-quality jewelry making.”  By 2009 he was ready to launch his own brand.

“I have always been fascinated by the highly competitive environment in the tropical rain forests.  Sharp thorns, iridescent metallic colors, horns.  They are all so beautiful,” says the former Human Resources employee.
10K Gold Spider Web Necklace
with Diamonds

“I keep my nature-inspired designs more abstract in form and style.

I enjoy conveying the essence of nature in a most minimal simple fashion.  My goal is to create special personal experiences for those who love art and nature.”
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