Monday, September 14, 2015


24 Gold Plated Brass Upsala Volcano
Pendant Necklace
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, or Los Cabos, is a premier tourist attraction where breathtaking natural scenery and sumptuous cuisine are major highlights.

Located on the Baja California Peninsula visitors can enjoy whale watching, snorkeling, sunbathing and parasailing.  Mexico is also home to featured jewelry designer Cynthia Serrano.

Serrano’s modern take on Mexican handicrafts such as Huichol beaded bracelets has a surprising twist: the beads she implements are glass, not gemstone!

She deftly elevates a material with no inherent monetary value to outstandingly lofty visuals. 

Colors from translucent blue to opaque red and turquoise are focal points.  Paired with 24-karat gold plated brass beads are meticulously arranged under clear glass [Circle Collection]; weaved into floral patterns [Forgetmenot Collection]; or as the second tier of three-tier bands [Dots Collection].
Heavenly Sky Beaded Bracelet
The progeny of a sculptor Serrano’s creative environment encouraged her advent into jewelry making teaching herself the craft.  However, she practiced veterinary medicine for eight years before deciding to revisit her love for craft making.

“Our house was a kind of workshop when I was growing up,” she recalls.  “I enjoyed artistic activities.  It became part of my heritage.  My designs are characterized by the use of weaving and knotting beads.
24 Gold Plated Brass Mexican Lotus Earrings

I design with modern trends in mind without forgetting Mexico’s handcrafted legacy.  Despite some challenges, my work has been a fountain of joy.

Inspiration comes from constant movement.  I never stop practicing and experimenting.” Items from Serrano's collections are available for purchase at
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