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18K Gold Vermeil Teardrop Blue Quartz Earrings
With a powerful eruption that buried two ancient cities with ash, Italy’s Mount Vesuvius is a must-see!  

Paintings excavated from Pompeii, one of the buried cities, are remarkably well-preserved.

For those who climb the volcano’s summit will be awe-struck by the view of that city.  Italy is also the ancestral home of featured jewelry designer Regina Pierallini.

I have a love-hate thing with classically styled jewelry.  Depending on how it is done classic design can be totally captivating.  On the other hand some designs are visually flat and uninspired.

Don’t get me wrong I do understand the appeal of a simple piece of jewelry.  Many women like the no-fuss factor of it.  They are busy and they want jewelry that counterbalances play-dates, business meetings, date nights and girls’ night out! 

Based on the current items on her website, Pierallini’s New York-based brand highlights crisp, geometric forms.  Most notably the price points for Pierallini’s largely 14- and 18-karat gold vermeil collections are more forgiving than similar wares offered by many of her contemporaries.
18K Rose Gold Vermeil Criss Cross Ring
with Micro Pave CZ
If you are a fan of Jennifer Meyer’s turquoise and lapis evil eye pendant costing a cool $3,550, for instance; you will love Pierallini’s $38 offering in 14-karat gold vermeil with a lovely blue Murano glass focal point!

An avid traveler, Pierallini has taken in the sights and sounds of Greece, Columbia, France and India.  These exotic locales provided the jeweler her first look at “rare gemstones, ancient metalwork and heirloom techniques not seen in the West.”

There is a quote from J.K. Rowling stating “Beauty is geometry,” and the clean lines and curvatures of Pierallini’s online gallery certainly confirms this idea.

Inspired, in part, by retro glamour Pierallini’s signature aesthetic embraces fluid silhouettes and a variety of materials including resin, cubic zirconia, as well as semi-precious gemstones.

“It has been my lifelong dream to create a unique collection of jewelry in New York City that would translate to a modern woman’s lifestyle.
18K Gold Vermeil Crescent Moon Necklace
with Black Micro Pave

I worked for many years as a photographer and my early designs were based in the modern lines, silhouettes and colors I saw.  I continue exploring new ways to thrill and surprise.”
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