Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Sterling Silver Quetzal Shadown Jade
Sacred ruins, historical architecture, and majestic natural scenery are captivating sights to experience in Antiqua, Guatemala.  

The visual ruins of ancient churches including the Los Remedios and San Jeronimo, along with the adventure of hiking up the active Pacaya Volcano will make lasting memories.  Guatemala is also home to featured jewelry designer Ruben and Gilda Perez.

The appeal of classic jewelry design is in the purity of its clear-cut outlines.  Although this style is not about making an entrance their allure is not diminished. 

With a combined knowledge spanning 32 years, the couple brings both jewelry making and wood carving experience to their low-key jewelry collections.  

The subtle beauty of carved Fair Trade green jade is the center piece of each design from circle pendant necklaces to drop earrings.
Jade Maya Dreams Pendant Necklace
The duo counterbalance sleek geometric forms with the breezy outlines of mushrooms, swallows, and frogs, as well as ancient glyphs.  The duo met at age 16 drawn by their similar artisan backgrounds. 

“Our parents taught us art.  Ruben learned the craft of silversmithing and I grew up in a home of wood carvers, “explains Gilda. 

Circle in the Forest Jade Bangle
“We worked in our specialties until we decided to work together.  

Our parents taught us the value of hard work, and that art is an expression of culture.  We work with our hearts, with dedication and love.”
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