Thursday, July 9, 2015


Sterling Silver Hold Me Cocktail Ring
with Rhodolite
If you are looking for a place with splendid oceanic views and top-of-the-line cuisine look no further than Peru’s Miraflores district. 

Though known for its “flower-filled parks,” Miraflores is actually an urban jungle with upscale hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Peru is also home to featured jewelry designer Victor Williams.

For some designers classic style seems synonymous with no panache.  Williams’ expressive yet classic aesthetic, however, touches on various styles including modern flourishes [Friendship Cocktail Ring]; nature-inspired [Calla Lilies Ring]; and traditional classic sensibilities [Iridescent Black Rose Cocktail Ring].  Each piece is a testament to his fantastic technical skills.

A passionate maker Williams works primarily with sterling silver and opaque gemstones like sodalite, and rose tone iridescent black pearl.

Introduced to silversmithing at the age of twelve by his older sister’s husband, Carlos Vidal, Williams immediately apprenticed at Vidal’s workshop.  By age twenty-five his skills developed to that of a master metalsmith, and he established his own workshop.
Sterling Silver and Leather New Life Pendant Necklace
Dedicated to his craft, Williams sees each pair of drop earrings, cuff bracelets, or silver pendants “like a child.”  Armed with the intent to satisfy the different tastes of his clientele he loves “the thrill of working on new designs.  I don’t stop until I achieve what I imagined the design to look like.”

Williams’ work has taken him to several fairs within South America, and cemented relationships with former employees and collaborators.  “I have always been supportive of the people in my workshop, even after they leave.  They respect me like a second father.” 
Sterling Silver New Inca Cuff Bracelet

Of utmost importance to Williams is always giving his “best effort” to his craft. 

“Jewelry is my life.  I don’t think I could live without that which impassions me.  You will find in my collections something for every taste and of very good quality.” __________________________________________________________________
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