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Gold Plated Brass Necklace Nude-Grey
Fabric & Ribs Beads
Zefat, Israel is home to “an artist’s colony” where painters, sculptors and other craftsmen work in their studios, and put their wares on display in private galleries and alleyways.  Israel is also home to featured jewelry designer Moran Porat.

Usually statement jewelry is associated with shaking things up; but I also like the idea of jewelry that is subtle yet impactful.  

Porat’s handmade fashion jewelry collections of 24-karat gold plated brass, ribs beads and fabric are a vision of classic arrangement cloaked in an inventive concept.

A graduate of Israel’s Shenkar College of Design, Porat’s unique design style developed from her interest in merging textiles with elements of jewelry making.  

Implementing an “original technique” she developed that imprints the form of an actual crystal on fabric, the fabric “simulates and emulates” the crystal. 

The creations elicit a wonderful optical illusion as at first glance the teardrop and circle imprints resemble gemstones!  The lovely muted colors of the fabric—nude-grey, blue-grey, mustard-grey—help to highlight the crystal impressions, and makes for a discrete yet elegant style.
Gold Plated Brass Bracelet in Blue-Grey & Ribs Beads
“I believe in creating something original and innovative in an unconventional way by studying the materials used in my work.  Great emphasis is placed on technical skills, together with artistic flavor,” says the jewelry artist. 

“The textiles in the collections are painted in diverse color ranges where stones are impressed in a three-dimensional metal structure.  The outcome jewelry is a symbol for elegance and modern prestige.”
Gold Plated Brass Earrings in Nude-Frey Fabric
and Ribs Beads

2015 Jewelry Trend AlertLots of pretty, layered gold or silver necklaces is a decorative trend this year, and Porat’s single pendant designs work wonderfully.
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