Wednesday, July 29, 2015


18K White, Black & Rose Gold
Gatsby Rings with Diamonds
Astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus hails from the picturesque city Torun in Poland.

Filled with numerous historic sites, such as Old Town and St. John’s Cathedral, the city is renowned for its unique beauty.

Poland is also the ancestral home of featured jewelry designer Marie Poniatowski.

American jewelry brands Erica Courtney and JudeFrances give homage to the past with gorgeous, updates to vintage styles.  In similar fashion Poniatowski’s Paris-based, ten-year-old brand, Stone Paris, highlights the lyrical arabesque details of jewelry from the Edwardian and Art Deco periods.

A gentle splattering of tiny, white diamonds over 18-karat yellow, white, rose and black gold pendant necklaces, bracelets and rings is so delicate each design seems an extension of divinity. 

But Poniatowski manages to slip in references to her love of classic film and actors, along with her fascination with the 1920s eras.  Names like Garbo, Gone with the Wind, and Gatsby are the romantic monikers for a feather pendant and cocktail rings.  Elegant cross and dagger pendants are also a favorite of the jeweler whose lineage includes Polish nobility.

The daughter of Vogue Paris’ former editor-in-chief, Jean, Poniatowski was exposed early on to the world of high fashion.  Visits to photo shoots and fashion shows were the norm.  After a stint as a movie director’s assistant, however; she wanted to explore the fashion world on her own terms as a jewelry maker.
18K White, Yellow & Black Gold Yasmine Bangle Bracelets
with Diamonds
“I wanted to build a company with jewelry that women could buy for themselves; I wanted to make jewelry a woman could wear day and night.  I also wanted to keep price points down although there are more expensive pieces in the collection now.”

Incidentally price points start as low as $335 for her rose gold Yasmine Single Hoop Earrings and as high as $10,603 for her white gold Faith Cross Necklace.

“I learned my taste for beautiful things and femininity from my mother who was an interior decorator.  I am drawn to Art Deco and antique jewelry.  I love antique jewelry.  My style is light and extremely poetic. 

Diamonds are not ostentatious and the gold is sculpted like arachnidan lace.  I find pieces from vintage time periods so splendid and extremely delicate, and I wanted to transform that into contemporary designs.  These elements have become the brand’s signature.”

18K Rose Gold Lilith Earrings with Diamonds
2015 Jewelry Trend Alert:  Luminous 18-karat yellow gold is a big part of Stone Paris and it takes the form of Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco vintage themes to boot.  

Of course this puts Poniatowski on point with this year’s style trends.
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