Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Titanium Crateri 25 ring
In the mind of many Italy’s Island of Capri evokes a romantic rendezvous amidst gorgeous scenery, and they would be right.  

The isle has an almost magical aura filled with lovely backdrops that include crystal clear waters and historic structures like the Garden of Augustus.  Italy is also home to featured jewelry designer Stefania Lucchetta.

Italian jewelry designer Giovanni Corvaja produces remarkable creations without the use of modern-day technology.  His talent makes an iron clad case for traditional jewelry making methods.

On the other hand, Lucchetta, who is a trained goldsmith with a Masters in Industrial Design, makes a strong case for marrying the modern technology of 3D software with jewelry making know-how.  The titanium, stellite, and bio-compatible resin rings, bracelets and necklaces she produces through rapid prototyping machines are visually stunning. 

She is able to simulate amazing details that include maze-like fissures, craters, and ruched silk.  These pieces alternately resemble modern concept architecture, and bold sculptures in their sleek, high polish outlines. 
Anodized Titanium Silk 51 Bangle Bracelet
An alumna of Venice, Italy’s Ca’ Foscari University and Scoula Italiana Design of Padua, Lucchetta was passionately interested in developing new techniques for jewelry making as well as experimenting with materials. 

In general, 3D printed jewelry pieces share a distinctive, almost billowy look and Lucchetta’s designs possess that quality.  However, she experiments with such a vivid array of forms it is clear 3D printing is not one-note in this respect. 

“Since 1999 my goal was to overcome boundaries imposed by traditional materials and production techniques.  I started focusing on 3D printing and rapid prototyping a year later. 

Sterling Silver Drago 2 Necklace
My aim was to move forward beyond what was already achievable.  

I wanted to push modern technologies to their limits and exploring their full potential to create a sort of personal technological poetry.”

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