Friday, July 10, 2015


Dreamcatcher Quill Necklace
with Vintage Concho & Natural Porcupine
Playa de Carmen, Mexico is perhaps a best-kept secret.  Just forty-five minutes away from Cancun, a tourist hot spot, this coastal locale boasts agreeable crowds, and fun activities rivaling activities in Cancun: windsurfing, snorkeling and swimming with dolphins.  

Mexico is also the ancestral home to featured jewelry designer Ana Saldana.

In a world where pressure to conform to societal roles and expectations is commonplace ethnic jewelry allows for the unique style expression of any given culture. 

Saldana’s six-year-old brand, Rejoice the Hands, is a collection of jewelry not only drawing inspiration from Aztecs and Mexican tapestries but also Navajo textiles and kachina dolls.

Saldana’s advent into jewelry making began unceremoniously when she enrolled in what she thought was a bead work class.  Based in Santa Ana, California upon attending the class she learned it was actually a metalsmithing course.

Undeterred she forged on and discovered her calling.  Her handmade jewelry of sterling silver and brass evoke the rugged outdoors with distressed details of arrow heads, dream catchers, Conchos and squash blossoms.
Sterling Silver Warrior Arrowhead 2-Shank Ring
with Turquoise
In addition to bright pops of red coral Saldana’s signature accents of turquoise stones are sourced from across the United States.  Colors range from aqua blues to green with black flecks to a cloudy white. 

This is quintessential statement jewelry.  It is totemic, atmospheric and Saldana has managed to capture a robust, antiquated appearance as though they are unearthed treasures.

“My vision for the brand was to produce jewelry that gives the impression of being discovered from within a tomb, or from lost burial grounds.  

I have implemented techniques passed down for centuries to create pieces that are fresh while also maintaining the heritage.  I wanted the pieces to signify Father Sky and Mother Earth.”

Hand Forged Brass 3-Arrows Cuff
Bracelet with Onyx Stones
2015 Jewelry Trend AlertBold cuffs and necklaces are a top trend this year, and Saldana’s Rattlesnake Cuff and Dream Catcher Quill Necklace fit the bill perfectly. 
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