Monday, July 13, 2015


Bella Pearl Necklace with Baroque Ivory &|
Mauve Freshwater Pearls | Rose Swarovski Crystal
A monument to Scotsman William Wallace stands in Stirling, Scotland as a reminder of the many battles fought for independence.  

A historic site, Stirling boasts castles including the aptly named Stirling Castle which is one the country’s most “well-preserved” structures.  Scotland is also home to featured jewelry designer Hazel Morrison.

Plato once said--and I am paraphrasing--that beauty of style depends on simplicity.  I would say Morrison’s design approach adheres to this sentiment.

Her ten-year-old brand, Hazey Designs, highlights the subtle pairing of colored gemstones including aquamarine, turquoise, garnet and freshwater pearls with the icy glow of sterling silver.  

The simple arrangement of beads on a bracelet, or the delicate hammered surface textures of a metal pendant are sublime examples of grace.
Sterling Silver Tranquility Bracelet
with Aquamarine and Silver Beads
A graduate of Scotland’s Gray’s School of Art, Morrison set out to create quality handmade pieces that are “beautiful” and “affordable.”  Her aesthetic seems to embrace the mantra of keep it simple and keep it moving. 

The jewelry perfectly complements the woman who does not like to fuss over her jewelry.  She likes designs that accentuate are pretty and not intrusive.

“I carefully select the gemstones I implement to add splashes of color or texture.  I like to think of my designs as wearable, little works of art.”
Sterling Silver and Kyanite Hoop Earrings
2015 Jewelry Trend AlertMorrison’s breezy creations highlight purple (amethyst) and red (garnet) two colors on trend this year.
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