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Sterling Silver Mystical Medallion Choker
with Pink Opal
Known locally as “the land of the sun,” Ica, Peru boasts a dry, warm climate. 

The city is also known for its folk healers, pre-Columbian artifacts, and its popular bodegas or wineries.

Peru is also home to featured jewelry designer Tiberio Gonzales.

The epitome of classic design is delicate form and eye-catching yet subtle color. 

Gonzales’ streamlined sterling silver jewelry creations of pendant necklaces, dangle earrings, and cocktail rings highlight smooth, cabochon opaque gemstones such as rose quartz, mahogany obsidian and lapis lazuli. 

His elegant accents of silver tendrils and hammered textures provide a touch of regality in a design style that hits all the right notes.

Born in Ayacucho, Peru Gonzales relocated to Lima during his teen years to find work.  At that time, he was offered a gemstone cutter job.  It was here the jewelry artist fell in love with the “gems of Peru,” and also learned the craft of jewelry making.

“I love gemstones and all their beautiful colors.  Each stone encloses an infinite number of colors and tones.  If you observe each stone closely, you can see a natural landscape,” says the 65-year-old father of three.
Sterling Silver Renewal Dangle Earrings
with Sodalite
Drawing inspiration from his stunning collection of gemstones Gonzales would later start his own workshop where his wife, Victoria, and their three children would eventually join him in developing his lovely creations.

“When I hold a gemstone in my hands I see what that particular stone is best suited for and how to best develop it. 

My creations are born from combining Peruvian silver and gemstones.  I try to use these materials in different and unusual ways making sure the authenticity of Peru is inherent in my style.”

Sterling Silver Caramel Unique Cocktail Ring
with Caramel Opal
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertGemstones are central to Gonzales’ pared down aesthetic which in turn makes color, in this case subtle, central as well.  

For Gonzales dusky blues, pastel pinks, and rich blacks are a few of the tone cues for this style trend.
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