Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Streams of Golden Lava Pendant Necklace
After eighty-three-years the Kansas City Power and Light Building, located in Kansas City, Missouri, is still a prominent fixture of the city’s downtown skyline.  

The building’s ornate Art Deco architecture and its roof’s prismatic lantern are signature details.  Missouri is also home to featured jewelry designer Bond Blackman.
The tagline of Blackman’s Etsy shop reads: “Intuitive, improvised and unpredictable jewelry art forms,” and nothing could be truer!  His wild sense of style is chock full of texture, color and unexpected forms. 

He incorporates carved branches and bone alongside lush gemstones like moonstone, opalite, emerald and lapis lazuli to create a powerful visual language.  

His aesthetic extends beyond statement jewelry.  Each piece is organic and bold, and requires an observer to pause just to let it all in.

These pieces are hands-down conversation pieces.  They are striking more so than pretty and sometimes even strange; but it is this deviation from the norm that draws you in. 

The robust 80-year-old is not afraid to approach jewelry design in a way that veers from people’s expectations. 
Wavy Mother-of-Pearl Earrings
Having explored various creative outlets including motion picture producer, screenplay writer, poet, art director and “professional appraiser of ancients prior to the Magna Carter,” Blackman is a true lover of the arts.  

In 2010 the jewelry artist was featured in the publication Best of American Artists along with two hundred jewelers.

His advent into jewelry making began in 2006 after a successful stint as a wood crafter.  “I am a true challenger of tradition.  I have never acquiesced to formal art training.  

My family members say I am unstoppable when I kept working at my bench after having shoulder surgery.  My arm was in a sling at the time,” he recalls.
Blue Rhinestone Brooch Pin on Stingray
Leather Cuff Bracelet

“I create unusual, original concepts that flow from me spontaneously.  

Ancient coins, antique buttons or unique gemstones serve as inspiration to my work.  I believe no two pieces can or should ever be the same.”
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