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18K Gold Vermeil Twist Continuum Hoop Earrings
The city of York, located in England, boasts both historical sites and modern amenities. 

The city’s streets lead to many fascinating places including the Museum Gardens, shopping areas and the majestic York Minster cathedral. 

England is also home to featured jewelry designer Alice Gow.

I really enjoy seeing jewelry designs that are stylistically clean or classic but a little unconventional. 

Jewelry pieces like heart and star pendants are popular with many in the jewelry-buying public; however, classic style can also be a bit more random and visually interesting.

Gow’s understated yet fanciful design style reveals the jeweler’s deft metalworking skills. Delicate circuitous grooves, rigid cut-out patterns and colorful anodized aluminum and central to her aesthetic.

She juxtaposes sterling silver and 18-karat gold concave discs and the mechanistic floral motifs of her Petaliform Collection were inspired by Islamic geometric patterns, and the psychedelic renderings of the Spirograph math toy.  Her pieces are also versatile and can be worn differently by adding or removing components.

“My ʽcreative’ gene was probably inherited from my great grandfather who was a successful cabinet maker.  My parents, Bob and Catherine, are also makers.  My father is interested in wood turning and my mom paints, draws and photographs,” reveals the jeweler.

18K Gold Vermeil Resolve Pendant
“I studied jewelry making at Birmingham University’s School of Jewellery and I love to create pieces of jewelry that display movement, simplicity and elegance.  I love to create structured pieces like the designs in my Petaliform Collection

For this collection I use a technique called wire eroding to ensure the patterns are precise and the shapes are symmetrical.  I strive to created designs that are innovative.”

18K Gold Vemeil and Anodized Aluminum Cuff Links
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertOnce again the year’s trend of color, whether soft or vibrant, is central to Gow’s whimsical aesthetic.  

Muted greens, vibrant purples and icy blues are among the lovely tones she incorporates.
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