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22K Gold Plated Stainless Steel
Gather Earrings
There is plenty to do and see in one of Australia’s largest cities: Brisbane. 

The history buff can enjoy the Museum of Brisbane while the nature enthusiast can take in the floral displays at Brisbane Botanic Gardens.  

Australia is also home to featured jewelry designer Iris Saar Isaacs.

Not since Canadian jeweler Karen Konzuk have I seen stainless steel presented in such a unique way.  

Each collection of Isaac’s eight-year-old brand, inSync Design, is steeped within an aesthetic based in deceptive simplicity. 

Based on the children’s book Harold and the Purple Crayon her Line Collection highlights “continuous,” hand drawn lines of 22-karat yellow or rose gold plated stainless steel.  These continuous lines extend and expand to produce abstract and lithe dangle earrings, necklaces and brooch pins that seem ephemeral. 

Dainty outlines of stainless steel serve as the canvas that offsets carved blocks of anodized aluminum in the jewelry maker’s Pebble Collection.  However, the Frost Collection is a streamlined play of colored nylon coils and tubes that form simple necklaces and bracelets with a cool, relaxed flair.

Of Israeli descent the Australia-based jeweler draws on her background in printmaking, graphic design and sculpture to build a minimalist design style that focuses on comfort and wearability.

Educated at the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE and the Victorian College of Arts at the University of Melbourne, Isaacs’ love for “uncluttered spaces and aesthetics” prompted her to seek out alternatives to building jewelry collections without the standard materials of 18-karat gold and gemstones.

“I always knew I wanted to do something creative.  I constantly draw from my skill set in graphics, and sculpture.  I love the intimate interaction of the wearer with a piece of jewelry and that intimacy drives me to create jewelry that is practical and wearable,” she says.

Model Wears Anodized Aluminum Double Pebbles
Lariat Necklace
“My ideas always start developing with pen and paper, then explored and manipulated on the computer using my graphics skills.  Once I resolve the design, scale and mechanism I then work out the structure and mechanism using my sculpture knowledge.

For the Line Collection I wanted to use stainless steel because it is 100% hypoallergenic which allows women with sensitive skin to wear the pieces.

Due to its hardness you can’t apply traditional metalsmithing techniques to it but it is flexible and that lends itself to the whimsical, hand drawn lines highlighted in this collection,” explains the 2012 recipient of the Faces of Design Award.

“For the Pebble Collection I wanted to use new materials to introduce color ranges and allow me to shape into large pebble forms.  I intentionally did not choose natural gemstones. 

Aluminum was the perfect material because with anodization it can be virtually any color, and it is also very lightweight.  Similarly the neoprene rubber I use in this collection is very comfortable and it is also durable and won’t leach color onto the skin with sweat or perfume.

For my Frost Collection, once again, I used nylon due to its transparent qualities and how it feels against the skin.  My absolute passion is clever design solutions!  I get very excited when products combine different materials seamlessly with clever execution.  That is what I always strive to achieve within my work.”

Nylon Frost Bangle Bracelets
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertIsaacs’ implements both bold and subdued color schemes in her pared down jewelry collections.  

Grey, beige, aqua, orange, red and bright green are some of the colors you will see and each are on trend for the year.
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