Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Sterling Silver and Enamel Bracelet
from Ceramic Series
Surrounding the island Lalu in Yuchi, Nantou, Taiwan is the picturesque Sun Moon Lake.

The lake’s distinctive shape in which its east side resembles the sun and the west side resembles a moon inspired its moniker.  Taiwan is also home to design duo Peggy Hung and Ting Ting Tsao.

As far as design goes some women like bodacious statement jewelry while others prefer to keep their jewelry pieces clean and simple.  

There are also women who want neither statement nor classic jewelry.  They make a great effort not to look like everyone else wearing the same hairstyles or clothing ensembles much less jewelry.  There are all types of women in the world so fortunately there are all kinds of jewelry.

I think Hung and Tsao’s 7-year-old brand Bomb Metal & Fry Jewelry (BMFJ) embodies a dynamic type of creativity that would appeal to the woman who has prudently crafted a unique personal style.  In terms of size silhouettes are minimalist, down-to-earth and pretty; however, individual designs explore a wide variety of ideas, forms, textures and unusual materials.

“We use heat to help change the color and texture of silver or brass,” says Tsao who graduated with Hung at Taiwan National University of the Arts.

“After manipulating the metal we add several layers of transparent enamel to create color.  Because we use lots of heat during our creation process we chose “bomb” and “fry” in our brand name to describe this process. Creating the jewelry is explosive and also a bit like cooking.”

Sterling Silver Earring from Regret Series
I enjoy seeing this kind of experimentation where the lithe, glossy renderings of mainstream jewelry brands are washed away and replaced with whimsical, strong shapes and idiosyncrasy rather than perfect symmetrical beauty.

“The vision for our brand is to implement a revolutionary method for metalworking and jewelry design.  Our handmade jewelry designs represent passion, happiness and colorfulness.  We broadcast the modern perspective of metalwork and facilitate the play of accessories,” says Tsao.

Sterling Silver and Enamel Necklace from Brnd Series
Be sure to check out a selection of items from Hung and Tsao’s varied jewelry collections at LongArmVillage.com.
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