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Brass Nimue Bangle Bracelet
A scenic hour’s drive away from the Port of Spain in Trinidad-Tobago is one of the country’s best known attractions, Maracas Beach.  

Visitors can drive up a mountain trail in order to take in a breathtaking view of the sandy landscape.  Trinidad-Tobago is also the ancestral home of Jade Gedeon.

Gedeon’s 10-year-old, Boston-based jewelry brand, We Dream in Colour, highlights a striking earthy aesthetic fashioned largely from verdigris (green patina) covered brass metal. 

Gedeon’s design approach is nothing short of statement making.  Even the item names such as Valencia and Noemi underscore the glamorous, exotic design quality. Many have impressive scope like the brand’s Lae Necklace a stunning creation of a super-sized carved and polished shell suspended from a dyed cotton cord.

Forms of begonia and fern leaves in particular evoke the image of Mother Nature emerging from a mist encapsulated forest as the morning sun creates a hazy aura around her.  Of course this scene would be incomplete without her wearing WDC’s Grand Naiad Necklace that features the brassy semblances of a beetle and dragonfly teetering amongst life-like brass leaves.

“Our patina is developed using a natural salt water process.  I love a good patina.  It adds depth to something that can be fairly frivolous,” says Gedeon of her affordable jewelry line. 

In fact, these leaf-inspired jewelry pieces are so commanding two separate costume designers (Deborah Lynn Scott and Susan Lyall) working on two very different films (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and The Beaver) selected the Naida Mini Earrings to adorn actors Isabel Lucas and Jennifer Lawrence. 

Isabel Lucas (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) LEFT; and
Jennifer Lawrence (The Beaver) RIGHT wearing Naiad Mini Earrings
Incidentally, the brand’s powerful cuff bracelets, pendant necklaces and link bracelets have also graced the pages of such popular magazines as US Weekly, Marie Claire and InStyle.

Alongside verdigris counterparts the collections also feature warm brass hues that take on animal and heavenly forms in the guise of swallows, octopi, the moon and snakes.  In other cases, solid brass is drenched with lead-free colored enamel or beautiful vintage crystals.  The Cybele Bracelet is an innovative and eco-friendly design cultivated from faceted strips of steel. 

“Cut steel was created as an alternative to diamonds,” says Gedeon.  “The steel studs of the Cybele Bracelet were pieced together by hand for an amazingly radiant result.”’

Like many who venture into the field of jewelry making, Gedeon possesses an innate talent for painting and drawing.  Her gift garnered a scholarship to New York’s Pratt Institute where she studied industrial design.  Her talent also granted her an invitation to study at Copenhagen’s Danish Design School where she explored furniture design.  

Though potentially ego boosting, Gedeon saw these advantages as opportunities to broaden her skills and test her aptitudes.  “I took a jewelry metalworking class while I studied at Pratt Institute.  I enjoyed it immensely,” she beams. 

“In 2002, after some encouragement from a friend, I decided to put my art background to work to create wonderful things.  

The name of my brand comes from an old art project I did in school and I thought it fit the style of jewelry I wanted to make,” she acknowledges.
Lae Necklace with Polished Shell
Hung from Dyed Cotton Cord

“I love the idea of crafting a design with care that will be loved by its owner and that will continue to grow more beautiful with age and handling and even have a history beyond one person.”
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