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Sterling Silver Light Bangle Bracelet
with Gold Oval
A component of Ireland’s Blarney Castle is a block of blue-stone known as the Blarney Stone, which is set into one of the castle’s towers.

Since the late 19th century, the practice of kissing the stone to gain the “skill of flattery” has been repeated by millions of visitors.  Ireland is also home to Maureen Lynch.

On the surface simplistic jewelry creations like those of American jewelry designer Melissa Joy Manning or Scottish jeweler Shona Macaulay Fidgett appear to be an easy and safe design choice.

However, where the process of creation is concerned I have learned purity of form belies the same level of skillful craftsmanship as elaborately designed counterparts.

Lynch, a graduate of Dublin’s The National College of Art and Design, had doubts about her pared down approach to design.  Lynch relishers that her chic and refined collections of 9-karat gold earrings, silver bangle bracelets and gold pendants explore similar themes and design choices that more extravagant designs hold: connectivity; contemporary twists to traditional symbols (i.e. Celtic spirals); and the fluid sheen of water.

9K Yellow Gold Rings Collection with Garnet, Amethyst,
Iolite and Peridot
“At one time I used to feel that my designs were too simple,” she admits.  “But as I got older I began to look at my jewelry differently and I felt proud of what I do.

I don’t look for quick ways to make my jewelry.  I like to take my time and forge the metals.  I love adding a brushed or polished texture to the metals’ surface,” says the 27-year veteran.
The soft curvatures of Lynch’s jewelry is a singular expression of the beauty within understatement; the allure of timeless design.  “When I traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark I felt really at home.  Simplicity is a cornerstone in how they decorate their homes to how they dress and how they live. 

9K Yellow Gold Soft Curve Pendant Necklace
I consider myself an uncomplicated person so I want to make jewelry as a statement of elegance,” says the mother of three.  “Less is more.”

Several of Lynch's sleek collections are available for purchase online at
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