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Gold Chan and Pearl Boule Necklace
Built during the mid-17th century, Germany’s Nymphenburg Palace is arguably Munich’s most popular attraction.  

Having undergone a number of expansions and redesigns, the majestic structure includes a park, decorative mansions, and an orangery.  Germany is also home to featured jewelry designer Saskia Diez.

My pet peeve with classic jewelry design is that items from a number of independent jewelry designers are so similar.  In my opinion, bar and initial pendants, zigzag rings, and heart motifs are overrepresented.

While Diez’ aesthetic is all about understatement she achieves a remarkable level of delicacy.  Choosing not to limit delicacy to only basic, static form her aesthetic is centered in movement and subtle shimmer.

Her fine chain designs, consisting of small cubics and small rings, rest evenly against the contours of skin or dangle fluidly from earlobes. 

Her approach to simplicity is going after the unconventional such as faceting glass and metal like precious gemstones; or playing with basic loops to produce color transitions in metal that go from light silver to grey.  It is these kinds of choices that set Diez apart.

A trained goldsmith, who also studied industrial design, she launched her self-titled jewelry brand in 2007.  Working with recycled materials that include bronze, sterling silver and 14- and 18-karat gold Diez’ design choices are based in the body’s intimate connection with jewelry.

“Jewelry can take an outfit in any given direction.  It is a means of personal expression because jewelry can actually be your company it is something very intimate,” says the mother of three.
Lacquered Rose Wood Beads Lace Bracelet & Sling Rings
“When I am designing I start with myself.  I have a very close dialogue with me and my body.  How does it lay on the skin and on the body?  How does it change when it moves?  I wear pieces that I work on to see how they feel. 

My Wire Collection starts with a thin line of polished gold to give a shiny accent to the skin.  The idea for the for Filippa K line is I wanted to transfer how fabric falls with a dissolving airy chain aspect.

Jewelry is a decoration.  It is about feeling beautiful, and beauty has a lot to do with attitude.  I think my pieces suit a lot of different women who are beautiful in various ways: independent, loving, sensible, or strong.”
Gold Solitaire Rings with Ruby,
Emerald and Sapphire

2015 Jewelry Trend AlertDiez’ Wood Collection takes color cues from the year’s color trend Marsala.  The glossy, lacquered colored wood beads come in bright pinks, and purple.
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