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High Polish Silver Dagger
Necklace with Gold Vermeil
The Irish city of Limerick is known for its cosmopolitan ambience; but Limerick also holds sites of historical relevance.  

The Irish Palatine Museum and the Hunt Museum respectively offer exhibitions of 18th century German settlers, Irish artifacts, and the works of Da Vinci.  Ireland is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Ros Millar.

From the distressed, angular outlines of Merle O’Grady’s jewelry to the lyrical style of Elena Brennan, contemporary Irish designer jewelry is all about deviating from the traditional aesthetic. 

Millar’s classically styled collection of silver or gold vermeil cuff bracelets, rings, and necklaces highlight striking, irregular details. This duality of classic and bold details sets apart Millar’s five-year-old brand.

Silhouettes possess an unconventional appeal in bumpy, prickly outlines.  Metals like rose and yellow gold are combined with blackened silver in one piece.  Gemstones are subtle in color such as pale blue moonstone, and green amethyst. 

Implementing “the process of cuttlebone casting” which provides naturalistic textures, the jeweler credits her home of Bangor, Ireland with her jewelry’s organic flair.  With the support of Cockpit Arts, which provided her with a studio and mentoring, Millar was able to make her love of crafting jewelry a reality.
Gold Vermeil Fortune Ring with Blue Moonstone
“I initially intended to study fashion until I studied jewelry at Ulster University in the UK.  I moved to Sheffield to study metalwork and jewelry and learned about cuttlebone casting.

Before getting support from Cockpit Arts, I had two internships with Fannie Schiavoni and Melissa McArthur, “says the London-based designer, and the 2013 recipient of the UK New Designer of the Year.

“My philosophy is attention to detail and great craftsmanship.  My jewelry is a mixture of Gothic with a luxe edge.  I absolutely love what I do, and can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Gold Vermeil & White Rhodium Plated
Sterling Silver Spike Cuff Bracelet
2015 Jewelry Trend AlertThe lovely burnished look of yellow gold is central to Millar’s collections of idiosyncratic designs.
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