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Sterling Silver Men's Crater Ring 
with Turquoise
Characterized by their spiky glaciers the Canadian Rockies mountain ranges extend out through British Columbia and Alberta.  

Five national parks lie at the base of its peaks with Jasper National Park being the largest, and Banff National Park the oldest.

Canada is also home to featured jewelry design duo Shira Laye and Morgan Carrier.

For the most part Canadian jewelry designers deviate from the ultra-glam and frilly design approach.

There is something more austere, clear-cut and badass due to details and forms that seem steeped in a time yet to come.

Laye and Carrier’s two-year-old brand, LACAR, highlight an aesthetic that vacillates between basic geometric forms and styles reminiscent of armor. 

Formed from cast bronze or sterling silver there is the simplicity of designs like their Fin Lariat Necklace; the abrupt, open curvature and engraved spike detail of the Siamese Collar; and the crisp exoskeleton look of the Obelisk Earrings.  Although gemstones that include black diamonds, garnet and turquoise are implemented they are used sparingly heightening its futuristic, and sometimes Old World, visual.

Based in Vancouver, Canada the two jewelers met thirteen years ago, in 2002, during a fashion show where they discussed “their mutual love of old films and treasure hunting for all things antique.”  Despite their auspicious encounter the two parted ways: Laye moved to New York to develop her jewelry making aspirations, and Carrier traveled to Paris to study film.
Model Layers Large & Mini Sterling Capsule Necklaces
“Before moving to New York I did some simple filing and sanding tasks for a friend in Vancouver who had a home studio.  By that point, I had taken a jewelry course at Vancouver Community College and had made a silver band and hammered cuff,” recalls Laye. 

“While working in my friend’s home studio, she showed me some more techniques and I became interested in learning more so I signed up for a program at New York’s Studio Jewelers.”

After completing her studies Laye would apprentice for a New York-based jeweler developing and expanding her repertoire of techniques.  All the while she and Carrier kept in touch deepening their relationship, and he visited Laye during her apprenticeship.  It was at this time she learned Carrier had a proclivity for handicrafts, and she became interested in collaborating.

“It took no time for Morgan to contribute to the design process.  He is great with anything hands-on and design-oriented so it made sense to team up.”

Working from a studio in Vancouver, inspired by “Gothic architecture and Renaissance fashion”, the two artists launched LACAR in 2013.
Gold Plated Bronze Obelisk Ear Cuff
with Black Diamonds

“Each piece is a collaboration.  The designs end up having little bits of both of us,” says Laye.

“Nothing leaves the studio that we are not absolutely happy with.  We strive to create designs that will be lasting and timeless.”
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