Tuesday, August 18, 2015


14K Rose Gold Vermeil Linearis Cuff Bracelet
Located near the shores of the Gulf of St. Vincent, Adelaide, Australia is renowned for its German-influenced vineyards.  

Once known for its wetlands, the area is currently a bustling city with annual art fairs, and awe-inspiring natural landscapes like the Mount Lofty Ranges.

Australia is also home to featured jewelry designer Kate McCoy.

At times, like other creative mediums, it seems that high-profile designer jewelry brands are stuck in formulaic, commercial ideas.  

McCoy, on the other hand, offers several style niches via four collections that encompass both bridge jewelry items in sterling silver and gold vermeil, as well as fine jewelry items.  This flexibility allows for great price points that start as low as $58 for McCoy’s Hope Necklace; and as high as $10,040 for her Tahitian Pearl Bracelet

Her aesthetic range, influenced by ancient cultures; dark-colored alcoholic beverages; flora; and Edith Piaf goes from opulent to sculptural.  

The silky, smooth look of her armor rings, from the Classic Collection, is reminiscent of crepe silk in their fluid gloss.  She facets metal into the stone setting of a ring from her Gypset Collection; and the bold, arabesque cut-outs from her Linearis Collection seem like paper cut-out art.

A certified diamond grader, and gemologist McCoy selects each precious and semi-precious gemstone sourced locally and abroad.  Each design is handcrafted with high quality standards in mind.  She is also a savvy businesswoman collaborating with other creative types, and even corporations like Nespresso, to showcase her bravura style across mediums.

Black Rhodium and Gold Vermeil Masis Pendant with  Green Turquoise
“Some of the best work comes out of sharing and fusing ideas.  Two years ago I designed a necklace worn by Sally Fitzgibbons, a surfing champion, in a project for Red Bull.  I think it is important to share creative pursuits,” she says.

Her top goal, however, is to provide prospective buyers with versatile and lush creations in the form of cocktail rings, cuff bracelets, drop earrings, and necklaces

“So much of what is offered by jewelers these days is short-lived, cheaply made products that generally don’t last more than a season.  

I think people should know the intrinsic value of their pieces and know it is a worthwhile investment. People should be educated on what they are buying, where the value is and how to care for their jewelry.”

14K Yellow Gold Vermeil Mereyern
with Almandine Garnets
2015 Jewelry Trend AlertMany of McCoy’s superlative designs highlight several of the year’s style trends.  Yellow gold is central to many of the jeweler’s collections as well as metal intense statement cuffs.  

McCoy’s Eau de Vie Collection particularly highlights vintage-inspired pieces with French-design nuances.  And that is the rundown.
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