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18K Gold Plated Brass & Handcrafted
Porcelain Broken Myths Necklace
with Spanish Bovine Leather
A small but popular destination of Andalusia, Spain is the city of Marbella.

Boasting two main beaches, the Playa de la Bajadilla, and the Playa de Fontanilla, the city’s seaside location is a feast for the eyes.  Spain is also home to design duo Andres Gallardo and Marina Casal.

With the introduction of CAD and the ongoing debate among jewelers about its value, it is still good to see time-honored craftsmanship, jewelry-related or otherwise, being preserved.  

Israeli jewelry artist Dori Csengeri preserved the art of embroidery for her jewelry brand; while Gallardo and Casal are slowly reviving the fledging Portuguese and Spanish ceramics industry with their robust, imaginative porcelain designs.

Nearing its fourth year, Gallardo and Casal’s brand, ANDRESGALLARDO, began “as a side project” they called Brokenporcelain.  Students of fashion design, in 2010 the duo set out to create a unique series of jewelry using fragments of porcelain “found in antique shops and flea markets.”  The designs were intended for their friends; however, the favorable attention of stylists would take Gallardo and Casal down the road of jewelry production.

Despite their lack of formal jewelry training, Gallardo and Casal were eager to face the challenge of producing a bold new form of fashion jewelry.  Initially working with ready-made porcelain pieces they transformed into wearable designs they knew the brand would have to evolve.  So they went to the source: ceramists.

“We realized we had to enter the world of porcelain in order to have more possibilities and to be able to duplicate our pieces,” explains Gallardo.  “Marina and I then turned to Portuguese and Spanish craftsmen. They had enthusiasm for working and experimenting.
18K Gold Plated Brass and Handcrafted
Porcelain Trio Daisy Earrings
from Osario Collection
We enjoy working beside the craftsmen and learning.  It was important for us to be involved in the production process.  We take pride that we are contributing, in our small way, in the recovery of these industries that have become stagnant but provide a unique richness.”

With its gorgeous, glossy surface and durability it is no wonder porcelain has often been referred to as “white gold.”  Gallardo and Casal’s aesthetic is one of whimsical innocence full of voluptuous animal totems and floral inspiration. 

Beautifully hand-painted daisies, horses, roses, panthers and lemons are focal points of choker and pendant necklaces, and cuff bracelets.  The scope of the forms coupled with accents of muted or vivid colors and gold plated brass make these creations fresh and larger-than-life.  The brand also recently added leather handbags with porcelain inlays to their inventory.

“Marina and I have always been fans of the legendary Spanish and Portuguese ceramic houses. Many traditional Spanish industries are on the verge of disappearance and a lot of new brands want to support those institutions.

The leather handbags are manufactured in Ubrique, Spain, a location known for its ancient tradition of leather goods.  Being able to collaborate with the Spanish and Portuguese artisans allows us to recover traditional production methods based on high quality standards.”

18K Gold Plated Bass and Handcrafted
Porcelain Broken Myths Bracelet
with Spanish Bovine Leather
2015 Jewelry Trend AlertDecidedly unconventional the ANDRESGALLARDO brand is populated with imaginative statement necklaces highlighting wicked combinations of prowling panthers with bold floral outlines, or affectionate rabbits.
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