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Sterling Silver Splendor Necklace with Purple
Composite Turquoise
Standing within the East Indian town of Uttarakhand is the ominous mountain Thalay Sagar.

With terrain that is steep and rocky the mountain is considered the most difficult to ascend; yet climbers from around the globe are eager to travail along its unforgiving peak.

India is also home to featured jewelry designer Aparna.

India has a long, storied jewelry history that began unassumingly in the Indus Valley.

During the Neolithic period, prior to metalwork, jewelry designs were composed of simple strands of gemstone beads.

By the time of the Mughal Empire, however; jewelry designs became more complex and gold had already been introduced.  While the outstanding meenakari and Kundan jewelry styles are arguably India’s most well-known style, silver jewelry is popular in several Indian states including Kashmir and Jaipur.

A native of Jaipur and daughter of a skilled silversmith, Aparna’s love of gemstones and the craft of jewelry making was piqued.  The youngest of four sisters Aparna was talkative, curious and intelligent.  After studying “accountant business statistics” she married a man who was a jewelry artist.  She decided to work with him by providing designs for him to make.
Sterling Silver Blue Primrose Cocktail Ring
with Blue Opal
Their joint efforts result in jewelry that is ripe with cultural aesthetics.  Granulation, rope-like and hammered textures, and tendrils combined with classic silhouettes produce a pared down type of regality. 

The wide shank of their Golden Wrap Ring coils dramatically around the finger like a protective covering.  The floral-inspired, hand-engraved details of their Autumn Bouquet Cuff Bracelet are a testament to the superlative quality of handmade jewelry.
Sterling Silver Rose Fashion Teardrop
with Pink Quartz

“I grew up watching my father create amazing jewelry.  My father learned the craft himself, and although I have not been designing very long I hope one day I am able to master the craft as my father did.”
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