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18K Yellow Gold Vermeil Shooting Love
Crest Pendant Necklace
Providing a stunning backdrop to the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, St. Paul’s Cathedral, located in London, England, is a top tourist attraction.  

Constructed of Portland stone the structure holds the third largest pipe organ, and a crypt with “over 200 memorials.” England is also home to featured jewelry designer Jessica de Lotz.

A number of jewelry designers say that inspiration comes from everywhere yet they create standard designs born from standard sources of inspiration.

On the other end of the spectrum are jewelers whose sensitivities lay not in what they see, such as nature or architecture, but in the intangible quality of memories.

For example American jewelry designer Alix Bluh’s unique and wearable designs are steeped in the tradition of reliquary jewelry.  Likewise, de Lotz’ fanciful array of rings, bracelets, and drop earrings are homages to the lives of strangers. 

Old photos, love letters, and even old birth certificates inspire her handmade sterling silver, and 9- and 18-karat gold vermeil designs.  In fact, the jeweler’s signature molten wax seals are based on photos once owned by a woman named Daisy Hooper.  The photos were among the contents inside a vintage handbag de Lotz purchased at a flea market.

“Searching for things, collecting objects is a part of my creative pattern,” she says.  “I have always loved rummaging through vintage markets and vintage fairs.  It was here I developed an appreciation for dusty objects, and the bizarre and old.  I wanted to create stories about the owners of these treasures through wearable jewelry designs.”
18K Yellow Gold Vermeil Peeping Tom Dolly Eye Ring
The appeal of de Lotz’ jewelry is in how the style bridges modern and vintage with something that seems magical.  There is the easy play of glossy gold and silver in ring designs.  The Peeping Tom Winking Dolly Eye Ring is a standout with its whimsical vintage doll's eye and gorgeous gold and silver shank accented with “floral scroll embossing.”

Her personal style and even the décor of her studio in Central London reflect her knack for the unconventional.  Elements of her work space include a taxidermy squirrel and any given day her wardrobe will consist of a 1950s felt hat, a church-shaped handbag, and a Victorian blouse.

“My jewelry is a marriage of old and new influences,” says the Central Saint Martins graduate.  “I love elements of taxidermy, mourning jewelry and the interesting and weird way people behaved a long time ago.  I breathe new life into the objects I find.  I re-interpret them in the form of wearable jewelry.”
18K Yellow Gold Vermeil HandCuff  Bracelet

2015 Jewelry Trend Alert De Lotz’ unusual approach to jewelry is based in vintage findings, which qualifies her brand for the year’s vintage-inspired trend.  

Another style trend is high gloss yellow gold which is a mainstay of her collections.
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