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14K Gold Vermeil Asymmetric Angle
The Chinese city Wuhan is one of the country’s most densely populated cities.

Wuhan is perhaps best known for three distinctive attractions: the 13th century, five story observatory Yellow Crane Tower; the breathtaking architecture of the 17th century Guiyuan Temple; and the fascinating antiquities of the Hubei Provincial Museum.

China is also the ancestral home of featured jewelry designer Jeanette Lai Thomas.

Thomas’ straightforward design style evokes a clean, no frills futuristic setting.  I can picture the characters portrayed by Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep in Insurgent and The Giver wearing one of Thomas’ modern creations.

Inspired by the lineation of geometry and architecture her earring, pendant and ring designs are chic in their Art Deco élan.  Pyramids, both open and solid, are signature forms in 14-karat gold vermeil, sterling silver and a coloration process that creates iridescent hues of aqua green, pink and yellow on metal.

Ring designs such as her Angle Stack Rings and Chevron Shield Ring, in sterling silver, deviate from her signature style.  Sculptural touches are evident through the jagged outlines of her stack rings to the high polished cuff-like appearance of her shield ring.

The New York-based jewelry maker launched her brand, Moratorium, six years ago after moving to The Big Apple.  “My husband’s job had us relocating for five years!” recalls the designer.  “We’ve lived in Portland, Oregon; Hong Kong, London and Amsterdam.
Sterling Silver Angle Stack Rings
While we were in Amsterdam, I took some silversmithing classes and it all began from there.  We moved to London and I continued making jewelry as a hobby.  By the time we settled back in New York I wanted to launch the line.

The name Moratorium came from making roots again in New York, and we stopped planning, packing and moving.”

There is a no-nonsense quality to Thomas’ design approach.  Gemstones are not central allowing the strong angles to stand out, and her love of unencumbered geometrics is unwavering.

14K Gold Vermeil Oversized Cut
Away Pyramid Cuff Bracelet
“My brand is a body of work that evolves and expands over time.  I am going to continue to perfect the ideas that have inspired me from the start.

I will introduce diamonds in my collection this year.  I will continue to present a unique perspective on simplified and timeless style.”
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