Saturday, August 29, 2015


Rock Crystal & Garnet Pomegranate Pendant
with 14K Gold-Filled Chain
A registered, historical landmark since 1986 Texas’ Fair Park, located in Dallas, is a 277 acre public park replete with a cultural district.  

The district includes the Leonhardt Lagoon, which once provided a peaceful alternative to the hustle and bustle of the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition.  Texas is also home to featured jewelry designer Adriana Soto.

A self-described free-spirit and bohemian, Soto’s design style is akin to those characteristics with creations that cover a broad range.

She can transition from the warrioresque, hammered details of her sterling silver knuckle ring to the contemporary overtones of stainless steel wire hoop earrings with multi-colored, elongated tourmaline beads.

There are cutout metal designs, wire work, gemstone and beaded jewelry, and upcycled designs.  She also has a penchant for incorporating unique gemstones like Mosaic Magnesite.  Upon looking through her Etsy shop, it is clear Soto possesses restless style energy.
Neopolitan Beaded Bracelet with Pink, White & Brown Magnesite
A former Nordstrom employee, Soto’s love for crafting jewelry began after “playing around” with a box of beads belonging to her daughter.  After taking a few jewelry making classes, taught by jeweler Sandie Zilker, Soto felt inspired enough to teach herself.  Her routine involved plenty of reading, and staying up late experimenting with various styles.

“Music and nature inspire me.  That inspiration gets the creative ideas going.  I get flashes, and it sticks with me.  I can’t get rid of those images until I make the piece,” says the Houston-based designer.
Gold Foil Rimmed Agate Geode Earrings
with Pyrite Beads
“I can’t do collections; I have tried.  It doesn’t work for me that way.

I do what is on trend sometimes; but what sells are the designs I invent.  I am addicted to making jewelry.  It is my medium.”
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