Monday, June 8, 2015


Brass & Sterling Silver
Same Moon Necklace
Winnipeg is touted as the 7th largest Canadian municipality. 

With its popular eateries, such as Sydney’s at the Forks; natural attractions like the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden; and diverse culture makes for a unique visiting experience.  

Canada is also home to featured jewelry designer Andrea Rokosz.

I like the anti-establishment vibe of some Canadian jewelers.  Many go for a gritty, bad ass style than posh glamour. 

Karyn Chopik and Cathy Sutton forego 18-karat gold and diamonds for the distressed look of bronze, brass and sterling silver; while Kristen Laborde amps up her designs with recycled industrial materials. 

Likewise, Rokosz’ brand, Army of Rokosz, is a vision of rugged boldness formed with antique brass, oxidized sterling silver and light-handed accents of turquoise or clear crystal quartz. 

There are hints of Native American and Gothic influences in cascading necklaces, silver knuckle rings, and drop earrings. 

The mildly imperfect renderings are counterbalanced by their poetic monikers like “Perchance to Dream.”  Overall, the designs exemplify femininity cloaked in power and valor.

Working from her Vancouver studio she casts and hand-fabricates her edgy yet clear-cut jewelry creations.  Her aesthetic leans heavily towards the “unconventional” evoking both the grandeur and coarseness of the Old World.
Sterling Silver and Brass Moonlight Lovers Ring
“My approach to jewelry making is to create small wearable sculptures, employing ancient techniques to produce powerful pieces that have symbolic meaning,” she says.

“I love the ornate and unconventional.  I wanted to create a style that reflected my love for adventure, folklore, and pop culture. 

My pieces are mysterious and dark blending my respect for science, history, nature and religion.  I continually grow my collections and stretch boundaries through exploration of techniques and experimenting with materials.”
Brass Lightning Strikes (Maybe Once, Maybe Twice)

2015 Jewelry Trend Alert: Statement necklaces are a huge trend this year and Rokosz’ bold jewelry line is not without its share.  

The Winds of Change, Phases of the Moon, and Same Moon necklaces each garner attention with their strong outlines.
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