Monday, June 22, 2015


Gold Plated Silver Arabic Calligraphic
Heaven Lies At The Feet Of All Mothers
Necklace with Leather Cord 
The Iranian city Zabol is not only known for its high-quality, hand-crafted Baluch rugs, but also for the “underappreciated beauty” of its desert terrain and natural oases.  Iran is also home to featured jewelry designer Nadia Dajani.

The lithe art of calligraphy is a perfect fit with the art of jewelry making. 

Its graceful and unique curvatures produce letters or phrases that can become an ideal piece of jewelry. 

In fact Lebanese jewelers Nada Ghazal and Nadine Kanso’s respective jewelry brands highlight beautiful calligraphic forms in 18-karat gold or sterling silver. 

Dajani--not to be confused with the female actor of the same name--also shares a love for this elegant art form implementing inspirational phrases as pendants, drop earrings, and charm-like accents of gemstone bracelets. 

With the exception of the calligraphy Dajani’s jewelry pieces are classically styled where phrases dangle from a single strand of peridot, rose quartz or garnet.  The one-time architect also excels with a bold form of wire work, accented with glass beads, the necklaces of which are reminiscent of Hawaiian lei. 

Working with copper wire, which provides a distressed visual, she builds floral-inspired patterns for rings.  The blooming wire petals, covered in tiny colored beads, serve as the bold setting. 

Dajani also takes pride that her Treasures from Jordan Collection (a/k/a Kunouz Collection) highlights stones collected in the Jordan desert.  The stones are prepped for jewelry by a group of Jordanian women who are also skilled jewelry makers.
Copper Flower Ring with Red Glass Beads
 "With the aim of giving back to society in 1997 I started a community project to educate and train women in the basic skills of beading and jewelry making,” says the graduate of University College London.

“Working from home, and in their own time, over the years our artisans have developed skills to the highest standard.  They now work in our Amman workshop managing themselves and the production of jewelry.”

The women who ultimately wear the jewelry are also important to Dajani.  During exhibitions she often encourages patrons to select a design that reflects her mood and personality. 

“Individuality is what we seek to help each lady with when choosing a design.  I believe it is essential to have the love for a piece so that when it is worn that feeling remains.”
Gold Plated Octagon Arabesque Earrings

2015 Jewelry Trend Alert: Color inspired by the Marsala palette and strong necklaces are on trend this year.   

Dajani’s aesthetic encompasses colors like red and purple; and her colorful wire and glass bead necklaces are consummate statement pieces
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