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18K Crystal Grazing Pendant Necklace
With its warm weather and natural beauty Portugal is a great place to enjoy the outdoors. 

Fishing, sailing, surfing and cycling are a few activities one can indulge, as well as the surging popularity of golf. 

An equal draw is the country’s delectable cuisine that is punctuated by its myriad of spices including chili peppers and saffron. 

Portugal is also the ancestral home of featured jewelry designer Ana de Costa.

Fine jewelry is not always about buttoned-down and simplistic aesthetics.  Sometimes the style can be a little dramatic; a little edgy. 

De Costa’s seven-year-old, high-end fine jewelry brand—with price points as high as $85K for her Gandhi Emerald Earrings--is a display of lavish beauty that pierce the soul.

Plush precious gemstones offset white, yellow or rose gold that form sinuous lines.  Her regal and feminine Papal Ring, for instance, is a gorgeous 18-karat yellow gold ring highlighting a wide shank, and a flat, square stone setting that holds what appears to be inlaid rose quartz. 

A graduate of London’s Central St. Martins, she received tutelage from jeweler Shaun Leane, and fashion jewelry brand Erickson Beamon before launching her first collection Mystical Tarot

She has collaborated with Christiane Kubrick (Stanley Kubrick’s wife); Swarovski’s Runway Rocks shows; and The World Land Trust rendering designs ranging from “large scale body pieces” to dragonfly earrings.  In 2008, the UK Jewellery Awards honored her with the Young Designer of the Year Award.
18K Gold and Emerald Ghandi Earrings
Inspired by the mystical, spiritual and decadent, she developed a signature style characterized by poetic boldness.  Her jewelry is about artistry capturing the tangible and intangible in lithe metallic lines and the hypnotic green shades of tsavorites (among other gemstones). 

Her natural curiosity and interest in her surroundings prompted travel to different countries including China and French Polynesia from which rare gemstones have been procured.

“My travels have been voyages of discovery and enlightenment that inspire new concepts.  I can’t help but always be looking for inspiration for a collection. 

When I was visiting Portugal about three-and-a-half years ago I was really influenced by the presence of Catholicism.  I loved the over ornateness of everything from the statutes of Fatima to our family cemetery’s mausoleums,” says the London-based jeweler.

“My brand is an extension of my interest in travel, culture and spirituality.  The jewelry is designed to trigger curiosity and inspire conversation. 

At the core of my brand are three core values: to use exceptional gemstones, to offer outstanding design, and champion luxury British craftsmanship.”

18K Yellow Gold Papal Ring with Rose Quartz
and White Diamonds
2015 Jewelry Trend Alert: Not only is 18-karat yellow gold a fixture in de Costa’s earrings, pendant necklaces and rings; but Art Nouveau artistry brings to life the creations of her Mystical Tarot Collection.  

The warm, sunny metal and bygone eras are top style trends this year. 
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