Wednesday, June 10, 2015


19K Gold Plated Crystal Ring
with Amethyst
Germany’s Reichstag Building, located in Berlin, was completed in the late 19th century and was considered an “engineering masterpiece.” 

However, after a destructive fire in 1933 and air bombings twelve years later, the structure underwent rebuilding. 

Presently the building is the meeting place for Parliament members.  Germany is also the ancestral home of jewelry design team Kim Krismann and Rik Fiddicke.

In general German jewelry design is characterized by minimalist forms of precious metals or stainless steel. 

Precious gemstones are often few and far between that provide an overall style that is crisp and clean.  However, German jewelers like Sabrina Dehoff and Amelie Riech have respectively developed styles that emphasize bold shape and color.

Krismann and Fiddicke’s five-year-old fashion jewelry brand, 21 Degrees, is firmly in tune with the revamping of Germany’s traditional jewelry style.  The brand is decidedly non-traditional with an exotic, eclectic aesthetic inspired by Romani mythology, alchemy, Java goddesses, and Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

Based in Bali, Indonesia the duo embarked on building their brand while living in Amsterdam.  Having previously lived in Cape Town, South Africa for two years, where they were invigorated by the city’s “art, music and design scene,” they wanted the brand to mirror their own nomadic lifestyle.

“I am a child of a German gypsy family,” says Krismann, “and Rik is a retired professional windsurfer.  I have a love of unique, timeless products and Rik had a unique vision.  We wanted to push the boundaries of wearable statement jewelry.

18K Gold Plated Snake Necklace with African Turquoise
We incorporate patterns and tribal symbols from various cultures that reflect our extensive travels from California and Hawaii to Fiji and Morocco.  We collaborate with specialized Bali craftsmen to produce our products.”

Their handmade 18-karat gold plated silver, gold plated bronze and sterling silver designs of rabbit and skull rings, dagger pendants and fringe earrings are fun, mystical and stylish. 

Items can be mixed and matched for a boho-chic, layered look; and are beautifully detailed.  Price points aren’t bad either: their Gold Plated Mimi Bracelet goes for $61 and $320 is the asking price for the Gold Plated Bunny Ring.

Twenty-One Degrees celebrates self-expression, passion, and endurance,” says Krismann.  “We want our customers to feel the passion for design and love for detail that we put into our products.”

Brass Sun Bracelet with Lapis Lazuli
2015 Jewelry Trend Alert: Bohemian motifs of the 60s and 70s are an energetic style trend this year. 

Details like feather patterns in metal, and sexy fringe is central to 21 Degree’s flamboyant, exotic style.
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