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14K Gold Filigree Necklace
Indiana, Indianapolis is known for its numerous “cultural sites,” many of which share close proximity to the city’s White River State Park.  

Among these sites are the Indianapolis Zoo, White River Gardens and the Indiana Cross Country Arena.  Indiana is also home to featured jewelry designer Moira K. Lime.

Admittedly, some mainstream designer jewelry, with its white gold and white diamonds, possess this pristine type of style personality that can be a little intimidating. 

Lime’s nature-centric, handmade jewelry of sterling and oxidized silver, and 14-karat gold is a tad askew, a little quirky but totally captivating.

Metallic petals, whether white or black, are domed to build blooming floral pendant necklaces inspired by dahlias, poppies and succulent plants like Aeonium. 

Pale or opaque gemstones including turquoise, white diamonds, aquamarine, dark blue sapphire and white freshwater pearls provide low-key accents.  

There are lovely openwork pendant necklaces in yellow gold offering a new take on her floral theme.  It is a demure aesthetic that is alternately delicate and visually striking. 

The alumna of Indiana University, who studied Art History and Metalsmithing, takes great pride in producing her stacking rings, cocktail rings, and stud and drop earrings with traditional methods.
Sterling Silver Succulent Stud Earrings with Freshwater Pearls
When she isn’t working in her home-based studio, she is absorbing the details of her surroundings “collecting botanical specimens and inspiration for my work.”  

For seven years—with her dog Miss Macy Moo by her side—her studio time involves sanding, hammering, filing, sawing and soldering.  She strives to create designs that become family heirlooms.

“Each piece of jewelry is hand-fabricated with love and passion.  I pride myself on quality craftsmanship.  All of my jewelry is cast-free.  I do not use molds.  My work is rooted in a balanced combination of one-of-a-kind work and small production pieces. 

It is the most fulfilling feeling in the world knowing that what I create makes people happy whatever the piece is.  Jewelry holds history.  Jewelry embodies love, family, traditions and remembrance to be passed down through succeeding generations.”

In addition to creating unique timeless designs Lime uses proceeds from the sale of her pieces to support local animal shelters.  “I am very passionate about animals, especially dogs. 

I set up my business to donate $1 from each piece that sells to support local animal shelters and rescue groups in Indiana.  Patrons get a great, handcrafted piece while also supporting a great cause.”

View more of Lime’s timeless creations at her Etsy shop.

14K Gold Framed Filigree Diamond Wedding Ring
2015 Jewelry Trend Alert: I love the look of thin stacking rings and Lime creates some nice sets of yellow gold rings with rose cut diamonds.  

Of course stacking rings and yellow gold are on trend this year.
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