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18K Yellow Gold V -Seal Feodora Ring with
Lemon Citrine & Pav
é Yellow Sapphires
from V-Seal Collection
Opened to the public nearly twelve years ago, the Eden Project, located in Cornwall, England, is an ambitious attraction consisting of an array biomes.

Each biome serves different purposes that house various plant life.  England is also an ancestral home to featured jewelry designer Sarah Ho.

Since its inception in 2006 within the classically styled outlines of Ho’s eye-catching fine jewelry brand, SHO, resides a distinct visual personality that in turn reveals the designer’s palette of inspiration. 

The 35-year-old goldsmith and gemologist expertly mixes a touch of understatement with a solid level of vibrancy.  Her Boule Rings, from the Coin Collection, are among her brashest offerings where the busy colors of blue, green, red or white pavé gemstones cover not only the ring setting but nearly blanket the shank!

The collection’s signature design is a delicate link of small, randomly overlapping circles.  The 18-karat yellow, white or rose gold frames of drop earrings and circle necklaces hold pavé sets of precious and semi-precious gemstones including pink and blue sapphires, and green tsavorites.

“I was born in Hong Kong and as a child my grandfather used to give me a Chinese coin each year,” recalls the jeweler.  “The legend goes that ancient Chinese coins bring good fortune and success so that was the motivation behind the collection.  I also created the collection to celebrate the birth of my first child.”

Model Wears Flora Earrings (top left) and Bluebell Ring (bottom center)
 and Bella Ring (top right) from Fiorabella Collection
Ho’s Victorian-inspired V-Seals Collection pays homage to “this refined and decadent era.  The Victorians were famous for their 'seals' and the historical references for the collection originate from the 19th century,” explains the jeweler.

I love her use of gemstones in this collection.  I particularly like her Feodora Rings with their respective, gorgeous cabochon cut settings of smoky quartz, rose quartz and white quartz.  The beautiful, feminine contour of her Victoria Pendant is reminiscent of a high-end perfume flask.

The sterling silver and gold vermeil Fiorabella Collection is a literal burst of girly and flirty details.  Designs are an array of draping chains, subtle openwork, bows and fun color schemes provided by pink, rose and white pearls.

SHO is about having fun with fine jewelry,” says Ho.  “I think SHO offers a fashionable fresh take on jewelry design and I strive to make jewelry fun.  Writers have words to express themselves; I have my jewelry to express myself.  

My work reflects a lot about my family.  It’s my little autobiography. My family would go mad if I wrote a book about them but this is my little way of cheating.”

Double Wrapped Red Braided Leather
& Sterling Silver Mari Friendship Bangle
with Mari Detail in Yellow Gold Vermeil

from Mari Collection
2013 Jewelry Trend Alert:   Ho goes all out with the subtle hues of 18-karat rose gold, dainty floral designs, cabochon cuts of bold colored gemstones including lemon citrine; and the busy color patterns of blue, green (the year’s top hue) and red gemstones.
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