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18K Gold Vermeil Galena Sea Blue Chalcedony Earrings
The raw, natural beauty of the Murchison Falls National Park gives one pause.

Located in Uganda, Africa and situated along the pulsing Victoria Nile River, the area is populated with majestic wildlife including elephants and giraffes.

Africa is also the birthplace of featured jewelry design team Natasha Faith and Semhal Zemikael.

The name of Faith and Zemikael’s six-year-old brand, La Diosa, is Spanish for The Goddess

The brand’s moniker is fitting as the alternately commanding and demure assortment of teardrop gemstone earrings, stacking bangles and stacking rings embody the grace, strength and elegance of womanhood.

The London-based fashionistas met while they both were attending Sir George Monoux College and subsequently discovered a shared proclivity for the shiny and pretty.  During a year of globetrotting the duo learned jewelry making from a team of skilled Mexican artisans.

“We trained for six months with a small group of women in Mexico.  Natasha and I learned about jewelry history and the way jewelry evokes empowerment.  A jewelry item is not simply an accessory to be admired but an extension of personality,” Says Zemikael.

“For the remainder of the year we traveled to many parts of the world,” says Faith, “Tokyo, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.  When we returned to London Semhal and I wanted to make jewelry that got noticed and made us feel proud.”

Determined to master their craft both women spent many hours at home perfecting techniques and developing design ideas.  With the help of funds from The Prince’s Trust the duo were able to launch their gorgeous jewelry collections in 2007.

Kate Middleton (Left) and 18K Gold Vermeil Honey Moon Pendant Necklace with Carnelian (right)
Among the design duo’s inventory of 18-karat gold vermeil gemstone rings highlighting gemstones like druzy amethyst; and statement making yet elegantly sublime gemstone necklaces consisting of pink and blue jasper, blue agate geode, aquamarine, garnet and sodalite (all in one breathtaking piece) is a signature item: the Honey Moon Pendant Necklace 

This limited edition piece (available in 18-karat gold vermeil and sterling silver with various gemstone centerpieces) is based on a creation developed specifically for and presented to then bride-to-be Kate Middleton.

“The design signifies eternal love and features two crescent moon forms coming together.  The blue topaz stone cradled between the moons for Kate Middleton’s pendant symbolizes success and true love,” explains Zemikael.

“Kate Middleton is such a stylish, beautiful and charismatic woman.  It was a great pleasure to create the pendant for her.”

The pocketbook friendly collection—with price points currently ranging from $47 to $806—also boasts a collection of pretty, braided friendship bracelets the proceeds of which go to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

As the duo eagerly expands the brand to international markets they maintain a specific objective: “Beauty has no boundaries; it requires no explanation.  La Diosa speaks for itself.   La Diosa is designed to empower the wearer,” says Zemikael.

18K Gold Vermeil Asteria Amethyst Druzy Ring
2013 Jewelry Trend Alert  Faith and Zemikael embrace trends of the New Year that highlight vibrant, colored gemstones (including drusies) presented in cocktail rings and paired with sterling silver. 

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