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Seafoam Green & Black Resin Wisp
Pendant Necklace from Requiescence Collection
Located in East Java, Indonesia’s nature reserve, the Sea of Sand, the active volcano known as Mount Bromo looms at over 7,600 feet.

However its height does not set it apart from other peaks in the region; its popularity, however, does.  Mount Bromo is the top visited attraction in East Java.  Indonesia is also home to featured jewelry designer Muqliza Imroni.

The creative process for many jewelry designers is one of introspection.  World travels, family ties, patterns in nature or ancient architecture tug at feelings that conjure up thoughts and ideas for gorgeous baubles. 

“For me inspirations grow out of everything and find their way into my senses," says Imroni.  “What I see, hear, feel and touch is translated into an intimate yet intangible recognition of these abstract reveries through my jewelry.”

The style personality of Imroni’s eight-year-old jewelry brand, Sou Brette, alludes to the meaning of the theatrical term “soubrette”:  a female stock character in opera or theater that is girlish, lighthearted, saucy and coquettish.

Imroni’s stunning high-concept statement jewelry is where contemporary art sensibilities and fashion collide!   With backgrounds in fashion and textile design, and illustration Imroni steps outside of the conventional and trendy.  Her commanding aesthetic of resin blocks, marble print cotton, and stainless steel is at once arresting, dreamy and undoubtedly stylish.

Resin Necklace from Allusion Collection
Bold sculptural cuts of clear or black resin accented with metal beads, rings and chains serve as focal points for both collar necklaces and link bracelets.  The configuration of clear resin infused with crystal, glitter (Requiescence Collection) or rose buds (Allusion Collection) is a complex yet beautiful visual language of complementary colors, textures and forms.

The clear resin and marble print fabric implemented in the designer’s collection Unknown Waters evoke water as well as air in their feminine yet powerful arrangements.  “I was thoroughly awed by a 1953 film by Alexandr Ptusho called Sadko.  I wanted to create a collection drawn solely from the imagery of the imaginative coloring, splendid characters and breathtaking portraiture of an underwater kingdom.”

Imroni switches gears with the subdued, muted visuals in her Runic Collection highlighting imposing guillotine-like cuts of stainless steel hanging from metal rings and black resin.

“Narrative tales of apocalyptic futures inspired this collection.  In these stories color had become a memory of the past.  The collection is meant to symbolize humanity’s desire to make the best of any situation; to embody the beauty in despair and to empower the beauty from within.

I readily admit that my collections reflect my bizarre, eclectic, self-indulgent tendencies but my jewelry is always about the wearer.  Jewelry is timeless and protean.  It is for the woman who is just starting to bloom or the woman getting along in years. 

Jewelry finds its way into a lunch with friends or an evening out dancing.  My jewelry is handmade, hand-molded and handcrafted which makes it an affectionate memento to the wearer.”

Demi-Lune Necklace from Unknown Water Collection
2013 Jewelry Trend Alert:   Imroni’s unique style is not without hitting a few trend high notes including found objects, geometric patterns, and organic silhouettes.
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