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Model Wears .950 Silver Lush Foliage
Pendant Necklace
The municipality of Guanajuato, located in central Mexico, was named a World Heritage Site twenty-five years ago and for good reason.

Known for its silver mines, most notably the La Valenciana mine, during the pre-colonial period the city produced two-thirds of the world’s silver.  Mexico is also home to featured design team Joaquin and the late Josefina.

Nature and Old World embellishment will always undoubtedly serve as a muse to jewelry designers whether he or she resides in Italy or the U.S.A.

The great thing about it is while sources of inspiration are often the same each independent jewelry designer will bring his or her unique point of view, nuance and style to their respective jewelry brand.

Joaquin and his late wife Josefina’s (who died of cancer in early 2012) lovely sterling and .950 silver jewelry reflects their love of lush landscapes, uplifting symbolism and exotic oxidation. 

Even before the duo met they already shared a lot in common.  They were both native to Taxco, Mexico, came from humble origins and both were raised in loving homes.  Joaquin learned the trade of silversmithing from his father when he was a child.  His first piece: a six photo frame.

Sterling Silver Glorious Sun Dome Ring
“By the time I finished high school I was enjoying the fact that I was designing and crafting my own pieces.  I realized that I wasn’t interested in doing anything else.  When I first met Josefina she was in charge of operations for a company I offered my silver pieces to.  

She and I have been working together for 25 years.  Our inspiration comes from nature and Josefina’s father taught her to love and look after her surroundings.  Josefina had a unique way of thinking and living life which gave each design a new perspective.”

The design duo’s strong yet delicate design style highlights links of detailed leaves in silver necklaces; semblances of the sun in majestic dome rings; and silver heart pendants.  The loving specifics of floral patterns, baroque accents and oxidation complement and enhance the overall design.

“At the end of 2010 we opened a small showroom for the very first time.  This made us realize that our pieces are truly worth of admiration as demonstrated by the people who have come from all over the world.”
Sterling Silver Floral Fiesta Bracelet

2013 Jewelry Trend Alert:   Joaquin and his late wife, Josefina, take on floral patterns all done in the metal of the year gleaming sterling silver.
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