Thursday, May 2, 2013


Sterling Silver Moonstone & Emerald Illusion
Pendant Necklace
Along the Bay of Bengal that runs along the coast of India is the untouched beauty of coral reefs, sandy beaches, and translucent sea water.

The lush, tranquil scenery can be found amidst a chain of islands that make up the Andaman Islands.  India is also home to featured jewelry designer Parul.

Born and raised in Delhi Parul’s floral-inspired sterling silver jewelry embodies “traditional Indian styles.”

Designs that include her moonstone dangle earrings aptly named Romance showcase willowy forms, embossed surfaces, openwork (a/k/a jali) and oxidation.

Each unobtrusive design caters to dainty femininity.  The misty hues of moonstone complement the cool tone of sterling silver perfectly.  

The gentle tendrils of intertwining metal and replications of leaves and rosebuds seem to reach for and embrace semi-precious gemstones of amethyst, garnet or blue topaz.  Her lilting design style would definitely appeal to a woman with understated tastes.

Sterling Silver Two Roses Open Bracelet
“I have always been captivated by traditional Indian jewelry styles,” says the mother of two.  “I began designing jewelry with my husband who worked in the field of jewelry design.  I did not take any courses.  All that I know I learned from either my husband or on my own.

I design my jewelry and experienced silversmiths help me craft them.  I oversee each step.  I love every aspect of my work and I am pleased that people admire it.”
Sterling Silver Romance Dangle Earrings With Moonstone

2013 Jewelry Trend Alert:   Parul is on point for the New Year with the delicacy of floral-inspired silver jewelry that is offset by colored gemstones.

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