Tuesday, December 18, 2012


18K gold and Garnet Simply 3 Ring
Sao Paolo, Brazil is one of Brazil’s most cosmopolitan cities.  It is a location filled with modern amenities to suit a city slicker.

Art galleries, museums, book stores, shops and restaurants line the business district known as Avenida Paulista.  Brazil is also home to featured jewelry designer Mary Geluda.

I love the everyday quality of classic jewelry; the way it can subtly blend with clothing ensembles.

However, what I find irksome about this design style is that a number of independent jewelry brands create designs like initial pendants, heart and star necklaces in much the same linear way.  From a visual standpoint they are not expressive and more importantly do not reflect differentiating, signature details of the designer.

What I really like about Geluda’s take on classic jewelry design is that her gemstone rings, gold necklaces, and drop earrings reflect her unique, progressive style.

Her collections of 18-karat gold, sterling silver, ceramic and wood highlight idiosyncratic presentations in modern yet abstract forms.

Her ring designs in particular are sculptural in execution.  She flips the script taking a semi-precious gemstone like the lush blue-green hues of turquoise and carving it into a ring (shank and all); and implements sterling silver and 18-karat gold as “reliefs” or “lateral details.” 

18K Gold & Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Midnight Sun Necklace
In other ring designs pink tourmaline, garnet and amethyst seem to float within orbital golden shanks; other gemstones are framed sideways held by a simple fold of gold or sit perched on a wave of sterling silver.

Her exciting design approach mirrors Geluda’s eloquent creativity which is informed by an early introduction to the arts.

“I first felt the stirs of an unconditional passion for art when I was a little girl.  It began as a passion for music.  I sang in a band that played Medieval and Renaissance melodies and it is here that a considerable part of the essence of my artistic work comes from,” says Geluda.

“I was able to absorb naturally all the refinement, elegance and delicacy of the poetic universe through my contact with erudite music.  Poetry is the objective of my design parameters.

18K Gold and Pearl Sea Love Drop Earrings with Turquoise
I combine curved line forms, different textures, and different colors . . . jewelry of mosaics of materials.  Art for me is an instrument that transports us to a soft and harmonious world.”

Be sure to visit Geluda's page at Novica.com.
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