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18K Red Gold Huge Ring with Diamonds
The “Roman style” Church of the Nativity, located in Bethlehem, Israel, sits atop a cave that is believed to be the birthplace of the Christ child.

Golden mosaics and gilded iconostasis are contained within its walls.  Israel is also home to featured jewelry designer Boaz Kashi.

Even after 123 years jewelry making is still very much a family affair for Kashi.  He is a fourth generation jeweler trained by his father, Abraham, in the skills of goldsmithing and gem setting.

With three young daughters of his own—Leah, Noa and Rona—Kashi encourages their input in naming his visually arresting fine jewelry designs of sterling silver, and 18- and 24-karat gold.

The bench jeweler has a reputation for dramatic flair opting for organic outlines counterbalanced by magnificent, bold-cut semi-precious and precious gemstones that include rough turquoise, opal and ruby.

His design approach is ripe with daring and expressive combinations particularly his ring designs.  He explores shapes and surface qualities in imaginative and vivid ways.  The Carnaval Ring from the Huge Collection highlight six different gemstones in six different settings each perched on one coil-like shank of 18-karat yellow gold.

His Open Ring is a glimmering vision of perforated 18-karat gold accented with a single white diamond, and one of his most ambitious ring creations is his stunning 24-karat gold Landscape Ring.  The piece resembles a funnel the top of which is flat and serves as a unique setting for slivers of rose quartz.

18K White & Yellow Bridge Bracelet with Pink and
Blue Sapphires and Diamonds
Kashi continues his inventive experimentation with the Bereshit Collection which features granule-like surface textures in gold rings, dangle earrings, and gold bracelets. 

His idiosyncratic handcrafted jewelry collections have graced exhibitions in Germany and England.  U.S.-based Takashimaya New York and Bergdorf Goodman have been clients of Kashi’s distinctive jewelry brand since 2007.

“I love the extraordinary.  I use the finest gemstones and materials—diamonds and 24-karat gold—that are shaped into expressions of the mind and soul,” says the Tel Aviv-based jewelry artist. 

“The pieces from my Bereshit Collection are actually designs made by my father 30 years ago that were melted down and remade.  The word bereshit means “creation” and I wanted to create jewelry with the appearance as if they were found in the ground. 

I wanted someone to feel like he is holding history in his hands.  For all my designs I want the experience for the wearer to be a culmination of unique power and beauty.”

18K Yellow Gold and Diamond Earrings
Selections from Kashi’s unique jewelry collection are available at Hamilton Hill
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