Wednesday, December 12, 2012


14K Rose Gold Signature Pendant Necklace  with
Smoky Topaz and White Diamonds
Perched atop a 25-foot bluff in Port Isabel, Texas is the Point Isabel Lighthouse.

At 150-years old the structure is still affectionately considered the “beacon” of the southern Texas coast.  Texas is also home to featured jewelry designer Shamaine Klein.

The daughter of the founder of a Texas-based chain of jewelry stores, the love of jewelry came easy to Klein.

At the age of 5 she used to help clean the store counters as she accompanied her father during his routine visits.  As an adult, Klein finally gave in to that quiet urging to design jewelry as striking as the creations she saw growing up.

“I was inspired to design jewelry for a long as I can remember.  I had a career in the arts and I stopped to raise my family.

One day when I was rummaging through my jewelry box it occurred to me how much I loved pieces that were striking, unique and that bordered on works of art.  It ignited a creative spark and my brand came from that moment.”

Her brand, Shamaine Klein Design, is punctuated by the designer’s signature collection, aptly named Signature, which features her double-glyph emblem offset by semi-precious and precious gemstones.
14K Rose Gold Signature Ring with Pink Amethyst
and White Diamonds
Using sterling silver and 14-karat gold as her metals of choice Klein presents soft contours and colors along with uplifting symbols within designs that are commanding yet subtle visuals of Old World aesthetics.

Cycling, the Lotus Flower, the dragonfly and fashion designers Ossie Clark and Yves Saint-Laurent are a few examples from Klein’s inspirational resource.

Sterling silver signet-type rings, silver pendants, dog tag necklaces and gemstone bead bracelets are modern and sophisticated; a delicate balance of soft femininity and strong presence.

“Initially I made jewelry in my spare time.  I used to make pendants for myself and as presents for my friends and family.  When other people became interested in my designs this pastime became a full-time occupation along with a design studio,” Klein recalls.

“A childhood friend of mine, Lisa Pliner, who is a shoe designer, and her husband, Donald, collaborated with me to make jewelry for her Peace for the Children Foundation

Since then I display new collections at their nationwide concept stores and Lisa is also the face of the brand.
Peace Bracelet with Green Aventurine

I am very excited! Each piece I design follows the philosophy of what initially inspired me to create jewelry: the love of designing something unique and striking.”
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