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Brass and Thread Hoop Earrings
The stunning 14th century fortress, Alcazar of Seville, is a remnant of southern Spain’s Mudejar and Almohade architecture.

The structure’s Garden of Vega Inclan features twenty flower beds intermingled with water fountains and walking paths.

Spain is also home to featured jewelry designer Helena Rohner.

In my opinion Rohner’s classically styled and affordable designer jewelry fits any woman’s (or man's) personal style from boho chic to subtle clothing ensembles.

The clean, glossy curvatures of brass and sterling silver metal as well as the vintage element of enamel cabochons are so coolly stylish.

Using a modest range of materials that also includes cocobolo wood, colored string, suede and leather she managers to create rings, bracelets and necklaces that are relentlessly chic and elegant.

Interestingly Rohner initially studied political science with the intention to enter a career in politics.  However, when she decided to sign up for “something a bit creative,” she chose jewelry design.  This decision would change everything.

Brass Pendant Necklace with Sterling Silver Chain

“Before attending the London School of Economics I decided to go to Florence, Italy to study political science and took a jewelry design course after learning the photography course was full,” recalls the 44-year-old.

“That is where I discovered my creative side.  I loved it and I decided that was what I was going to do.  I did practical training with American designer Jacqueline Rabun and Paloma Canivet.  My brand officially launched in 1995.”

Rohner’s design approach is steeped in exploration without bludgeoning her streamlined style.  For instance she implements lots of colored string in her bracelet designs that range from simple two-strand creations with accents of small brass spheres to braided ones. 

Her metal designs are characterized by slightly askew forms punctuated by her signature detail of rounded edges that provide both a hushed and robust visual. “I’m very much into rounded edges. 

You can find them in all my designs but I also like a challenge of doing different things. I am a designer who is interested in learning more all the time. I still feel the same excitement, the same desire to learn and develop different ways of designing.”

Blue Leather and Sterling Silver Men's Bracelet
Be sure to visit Rohner's online shop.
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