Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Oxidized & Sterling Silver Black Swan Double Hoop Earrings 
from Handwritten Collection
Mount Athos is perhaps one of the most unique areas in Greece.  Not only is the area virtually untouched, it is populated exclusively by men: monks to be exact.

Mount Athos is one of the world’s oldest monastic communities.  Greece is also home to featured jewelry designer Margarita Meitani.

Covering the basics in classic jewelry design like name jewelry, circle or wishbone necklaces is inevitable; but I cannot deny that I love to see a designer expand on a classic design idea.  Incorporating a little something unusual can transcend the rather inflexible boundaries of timeless design. 

For me whether designers are captivated by the purity or complexity of form that fascination translates into something that is authentic and differentiated.

Athens-based Meitani brings an enchanting nuance to her primarily sterling silver handcrafted jewelry collections.

Etched oxidized metal, colored threads, glass and millefiori beads, Swarovski crystals and semi-precious gemstones are some of the personal touches the silversmith includes that add depth and character to simple hoop earrings, bangle bracelets and silver pendants.

Sterling Silver & Glass Beads La Lune Necklace
from Africa Collection
Inspired by dreams, poems, songs and even grief, Meitani’s jewelry is at once lyrical and vivacious.  Inscriptions of love or the changing seasons, wrapped colored threads or millefiori beads are a stunning inclusion giving each design Meitani’s personal hallmark.  The elements of basic outlines and ethnic panache make for a striking visual language.

The graduate of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki began training as a silversmith in 1995 following her urge to “do something creative.”

“I started making jewelry just before the age of 30.  I have never done anything similar before.  I had studied archaeology and art history and I felt that need to do something I could express myself through.

After experimenting with different techniques and concepts I opened my workshop in 2005.  By February 2006 I came up with my collection Handwritten Jewelry.  The whole concept had to do with broken hearts, lost love, passion and grief and the only colors I used then were oxidized silver, white crystals and colored threads.

The idea evolved and expanded and these elements are to one degree or another part of each of my collections.  Through the years I have created a very distinctive and decorative handwriting style—which is done exclusively by me with a tiny bur and flex shaft.

Sterling Silver Message Bangle Bracelets
with Ribbons and Colored Thread
My designs are neutral to fashion, clothes or season.  They are related only to your body and soul, and are your own amulets.”
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