Monday, February 27, 2012


Wire Ring with Blue Stones
A combination of twenty-eight lakes and streams spill into Armenian’s largest lake, Lake Sevan.  

Not only is the waterway the largest in the country, it is also among one of the largest high-altitude lakes in the world.  

Armenia is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Yeva Adalyan.

The 37-year-old alumna of Pasadena College makes dazzling design choices with her stunning Swarovski Crystal accented crochet wire jewelry brand, Yev Arts Handmade Jewelry. 

A jewelry maker since 2002, Adalyan mixes classic and delicate outlines with edgy, anarchistic ones.  

Her one-of-a-kind jewelry collections Whimsical Tangles, Functional Art, Wild Bunch and Bold yet Feminine are incredibly atmospheric and refreshingly unconventional.

Her unusual design approach is a little Gothic, a little Victorian and a little subversive.  Her Precious Mesh Collection is the most classic of her online galleries.  

Circle and teardrop necklaces, choker necklaces, bar pendants and cuff bracelets emerge from what appears to be gold, copper and silver wires (in some cases oxidized silver).  Minimal accents of beautifully colored crystals add the final touch to these exquisite, gossamer-like pieces.

Adalyan’s Leaf of Nature Collection features mesh natural leaves dipped in various colored metals.  To achieve the leaves’ mesh effect they are carefully preserved through a special process and covered in blue, green, black or chocolate brown liquid metal.

Pendant Necklace from Precious Mesh Collection
Her Swarovski Treasures Collection is reminiscent of just that; jewelry pulled from a treasure chest buried deep within the ocean.  Swarovski Crystals are central to this collection of classic outlines counterbalanced with subtle drama.  The crystals are drenched with metal mesh that droop, hang, and dangle haphazardly providing this great look of soggy, messy jewelry.

“I think these are free-spirited designs.  These marvelous Swarovski Crystal pendant necklaces glow within these wildly tangled chains and it makes the pieces look opulent and glamorous,” says the Los Angeles-based designer.

Her one-of-a-kind collections alternate from subversive and rebellious (Whimsical Tangles) to runway ready (Functional Art and Wild Bunch), and avant-garde (Bold Yet Feminine). 

The latter collection has a modern, artsy vibe.  The pendant necklaces are like miniature abstract paintings.  Essentially classic in proportions they are characterized by askew arrangements of crystals and wire mesh set against a backdrop of solid metal or lightweight fabric.
Gold Wire Mesh Earrings with Green Stones

“My designs have many influences. I fuse industrial and ethnic, bold and dainty, simple and complex shapes in a brave, modern statement. My collections are perfect for the woman with individual style.”

For more on Adalyan's vibrant design style be sure to visit her brand's Facebook page.

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